Roof Over Roof

Looking at purchasing a cottage in northern Michigan. Cottage built in 1957 with a shingle roof. Cottage updated in 1980s and it sounds like another roof – board and shingles was put on over old roof with no insulation between. Inside I can see the nails coming through from old roof and there are beautiful exposed wood log beams, so I don’t want to insulate and put in a false ceiling. Is there anything that can be done – or is this just going to be ridiculously expensive to heat during the winter?

Cabins are always fun…

You may be able to remove the old roof and install some Hunter panels to provide for some insulation, then install a shingle or metal roof. … &Itemid=54

Where is this cabin located?

What do you consider ridiculously expensive?

I gotta hear the answer to this.,.,.,(Drum roll) :stuck_out_tongue:

I also want to hear this answers :shock:

Cold roof…

Roof repair expert has removed the old roof and installed hunter panels but i won’t like it at all.