Roof over existing Porcelain tiles

I have a porch that was tiled and many years later it was closed in underneath to become part of the house.

Water is leaking through the tiles.

Could i have a roof torched down directly onto the tiles?

Not the best practice, but if they are cemented in solid, prime and torch, would pretty much be the same thing as a concrete deck.

A more permanent and legit solution would be to mechanically fasten dens deck over the tile and torch to that.

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Thank you for you response.

Prime with Karnak 108?

Could I torch it down a week after priming it does it need to be torched sooner then that?

Thank you.

Yup that’s the stuff, just roll a nice thin coat on and let it dry. A week later will not hurt. Upload a photo of you can.

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Thanks. got it done! see pic before pic attached…! Had two layers torched down… I’ve been told by some roofers that it won’t work and others that it should work just fine. I don’t see why not as it seems to be adhering really solidly!


And this is the after pic!

Adhered to the existing roof around the porch

And torched up the wall and flashed and sealed with aluminum IMG_5213

You better pray that the floor tile don’t come up or get loose from the grout. Say good by to your roof.

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The tiles were installed on 5 inches of concrete… its solid like a rock and has been for 8 years. Why would any issues arise from the elements now that they are sealed 100% by the new roof?

It is nice that you have 5" of concrete, but never underestimate moisture and grout. I hope it works out for you. The work looks clean. In waterproofing/roofing it is always better to go to the substrate when installing a new system.

I hear you and I to hope it works well :slight_smile:

To make the porch usable for kids could I just put down fake grass?

Roofers are creatures of habit, me especially. I wouldn’t have touched that with a ten foot pole. It may be a very good application but it’s not covered with any specs or warranty that I know of. Not wanting to speak for everyone in the trade but most of us are very liability conscious and like to be covered by existing/accepted manufacturers specs.
Probably everyone on this site has been sued for something that had nothing to do with their workmanship and insurance settled, (this could be a huge topic on its own).

I do hope it works for you. Maybe you will set a precedent!

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