Roof Material help

I am just now starting my roofing business. I would appreciate all the help. Can I please get information where to purchase roof Material for a low price. Thank you for your time and help.

Set up an account at your local roofing/siding supplier like ABC or whatever is in your area.

If you are looking for less expensive material at my supplier you get the biggest discount simply by paying for it at the time of purchase which is what I usually do.

This is a pretty simple first step that you apparently weren’t aware of?

If this is the case perhaps you should re-evaluate your desire to enter this business, it’s not for the faint of heart.

I’d argue that starting a successful roofing business above board with payroll & benefits is one of the hardest businesses to establish.

Best of luck to you.


My sisters ex husband called wanting to know if i could get him a discount on materials from my supplier. The answer is no, i can’t. Material for everyone is the same price, i do however get priority delivery which is 3-4 jobs a week.

We pay our bill off monthly, we do not carry a balance. I am in Large market, OC, California and there are literally 4 or 5 other large suppliers all within a few miles. No such thing as a discount here for even a contractor in good standing with the supplier. May not be the case everywhere but not here.

Contractors here pay $2-4 a square less than someone walking in.
Honestly I dont care what the stuff costs as long as everyone pays roughly the same to keep the field level.


Can you give me the names of the roofing supplies?

Hmmmm, there comes a point where you wonder where is this going? If I answer this am I becoming part of the problem by enabling yet another competitor who lacks elementary business acumen?? By answering these BASIC questions, am I hurting the consumer … yup … sure am.

At this stage, as they say on Shark Tank, “You have an idea, not a business”. Do some deeper research and come back when you’ve got something more solid.

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My location is in my last post. Do i need to drive you to each supplier next and introduce you… possibly as mrteesla’s business partner.

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