Had our bedroom leak from rain in thanksgiving only got the flat roof in bedroom fix still waiting for insurance to send someone for abatement since ceiling is 5 percent chrysotile abestos then after that they need to demolish the ceiling and replace and also some part of the wall cause it is wet . The adjuster came and send us a check for minus 1k for deductible but base on the work gonna be done it will prob cost 15k for abatement and rebuild ceiling and wall and prob 5k for mold and dry after that need new carpet prob another 3k. So far I already paid 10k for the roof that was leaking using my own money and seem like the insurance dont want to pay me back that . Still need to do the front part of roof shingle and balcony cause that is what insurance need to fix or they will cancel our insurance. But I was thinking if price is right we think about the rest of the roof of our house even though the previous roofing company say it still got about 5 years life in it. Now my goal and hoping they pay everything inside that was damage to us thst is a bonus even though the rest of the roof light cost us 12k and that 10k spend just dont want to water leak anymore

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