Roof Leak in Heavy Rain


Hi Guys, I’m a HVAC contractor and definitely do not deal with roofs on a day to day other than walking on them. I noticed a water stain in my kitchen ceiling this week about the size of a softball, not wet to the touch.

Looked in the attic and saw signs of water on a rafter and sheating directly above the stain about halfway up the roof. Dark and White staining at the top of the rafter sides. Looked at my roof and all looks good from a novice perspective. What I did notice is right where the rafter water marks start in the attic is where my gutter from my hip roof drains unto my gable roof (split level house). So am I crazy to think that with heavy rain the water is coming out of this gutter and getting under the shingles? All my vent boots look good. 30 years arch shingles 9 year old roof with new sheating installed as needed (No shingles under the new shingles).


This is probably the most common leak area on many roofs. You have a step shingle run, valley and gutter all converging. If the gutter guy didn’t round out the drainage point the little bit of leaves visible in the picture will push water into areas it’s not supposed to be. I prefer capping these open ended gutters and sloping them towards the downspout so water doesn’t drain onto the roof at that point. There is a downspout 12 feet away so there is no reason to push water into that area.


Also after enlarging picture I notice that pipe collar is cratered in. This will also be a potential leak.


Id agree with cutting the eavestrough/gutter back fr the valley, capping and grading back to the downspout. How the shingles on the lower slope are applied/stepped into the wall before the first shingle on the upper slope is a potential problem area, but impossible to tell fr the pic. The valley is cut a little long at the top which leaves it prone to holding water underneath and it looks like no there is no drip edge at the eaves with extra overhang to compensate but this may be a regional practice. The caved pipe boot may pond some water but unlikely to let much in. Skylight flashings, gas exhaust flashings, pipe boots etc. are fastened to the roof with neoprene washered screws at the base where we are but also may be a regional thing. Otherwise looks like a fairly good/straight install.


See it all the time.
Expect the roofing to be rotted just under the gutter and valley meet.

The gutter needs to be re-installed in a different way or removed from that side all together.

It needs to be cut at least a foot or two away from the valley. An end cap installed and tilted to drain toward the front of the house.


Then after i get the homeowner to agree to remove the gutter or have it redone
I (secretly) install multiple layers of asphalt saturated d.226 felt or ice and water shield
Under where the gutter is going to be missing or replaced or completely neglected.

I said secretly because i dont want the homeowner to think he can ignore my advice about removing or reworking the gutter.