Roof Install Question

I’m trying to plan the logistics of reroofing my house. Based on the time and help available to me, I won’t be able to do the whole job at once. I think the easiest method would be to strip the entire roof and install new sheeting on one weekend, and then install the new shingles on the next weekend. (I’m planning to install new sheeting because I have an old home with felt and shingles over the original planks. The planks appear to be in good shape, so I’m planning to install the sheeting over the planks.)

I have two questions:

  1. If I use ice & water shield as the underlayment for the entire roof, will that be sufficient to protect the house during the week between work?

  2. I’d like to have the shingles delivered directly to the roof during the week. Is there some way I can do that without ruining the ice & water shield? I’ve used Owens Corning and IKO products in the past, and I know you can’t even walk on them if they’re in the sun. Is there another product I can use that won’t get ruined?

Thanks very much for your advice!

whats the pitch?

The front half of the roof is 7/12. The back half is steeper; I’m not 100% positive, but I believe it’s 10/12.

Does’nt sound do-able to me.
Post some pics.

strip and shingle one side one weekend. strip and shingle other side following weekend

there are several peal and stick under layments
you can use. do the whole house.
yes the underlayment will last while your
waiting to shingle.


I know you said you are going over it(sheeting), which in my mind is the only way to do it.

Do the planks have large gaps inbetween them or are they pretty close together?

If the planks are close together, then in my opinion you are wasting lots of money and time sheeting over it. But if there are large gaps inbetween the planks then it is absolutely nessesary unless you are installing a metal roof.

Sheeting a 7/12 and 10/12 would be a job only for a full crew of proven super heros that work every day. Do you have that?

I choose atlas weathermaster as my peel-n-seal underlayment. It cost less and works better if you can believe it. I can walk an 8/12 with this material and no it doesnt scar easily.

Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I guess I’m leaning toward roofing one half each weekend now, although I’m still considering my options.

The planks are very close together. The largest gap I found is about 1/2", and most (90%+) are less than 1/4". Does anyone else think I’m wasting my money by sheeting over the planks?

What about using ice & water over the entire roof, is that overkill too? The front half is a 1.5 story gable, and the rear half is a 1 story gable. The peaks run in the same direction, which is also in the direction of the prevailing wind. I live in an area that gets lots of lake effect snow in the winter. The only problem area is where the snow blows off of the front roof onto the back, but I’m good about raking it off before it becomes a real problem.

My plan is do to this right, so that in 20 years when I’m older I can hopefully shingle over this roof (or pay someone else to) and not have to worry about it again in my lifetime.

I would re sheet so you have good nailing on every row…Nail the line on every row! If you have a gap where the nail line is then you cannot ensure that the shingles will not blow off, or in some cases slide off! High nailing is the result in most cases…

I just called around on pricing, and I answered my own question on the ice & water.

I&W over the whole roof will cost about $225 (incl tax) more than tar paper and 2 rows of I&W (along the edges and 1 side of the rear roof). 1/2" OSB sheeting over the whole roof adds $620 (incl tax).

What you said about nailing makes sense, so I think I’m still planning on both.

Thanks again!

It wouldn’t hurt to have a couple large tarps on hand. $200 in two large tarps can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of frustation.

Even if you buy them and don’t need to use them you should be able to return them with no problems.

The other day tore off a roof the home owner did 19 years ago and had to replace a fair amount of plywood as a result of getting wet. If the roof would have been tarped overnight they would have had no issues.

if you use an ice barrier over the whole roof be sure you have excellent ventilation. by the time you notice condensation you will have major mold issues to deal with.

Dave …if you use 2 rows I & W, use gaf/elk shingle mate paper on balance of the roof, and if it gets wet it doesn’t ripple much,and it will look like new after 1/2 hour in the sun…

wasting alot of money redeckin.
sounds like you have a perfectly good deck up there


This board is such a great resource. I really appreciate everyone’s input.

I ordered my materials today, and after seeing what my local supplier had to offer, I decided to go with Feltex instead of tar paper. (The GAF/Elk product wasn’t available through this supplier.) The instructions say to install the Feltex with roofing nails having a minimum head diameter of 3/8". Will an air nailer go right through this? (I’ll need to nail by hand, right?)

I’m also looking into the nail over soffit vents that I’ve read about here. I contacted 6 suppliers, and only found 1 who vaguely knew what I was talking about. That supplier carries “The Edge” by Air Vent. Any opinions on this product? I’ve had no luck so far finding someone who can get Smartvent.

Thanks again!

nail by hand and use steel cap nails(1"dia).
it will hold the underlayent down much better.


I would not redeck if the planks are in good condition. You might have to alter the nailing pattern slightly to avoid gaps. With I&W shield you have and extra layer of protection and is a temp roof good for up to 3-6 months. I have used feltex. Good product but will leak if toe boards are nailed into it.

GA. in the house.
good stuff max d