Roof Exhaust Vents Missing Duct Hookup

I had a new roof installed and while I was in attic working on my soffit ventilation I noticed the bathroom duct was tacked in place and was loose from bathroom exhaust fan. When I look online the roof vents I see have like a flange to hook the duct to. The vents installed in my roof are like a tall stack and there isn’t like a flange to hook the duct to. How do I hookup the duct to the vent in the attic? I can’t find hardware to accomplish this?

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Looks done to me.
As long as the tube is shooting into the vent.
It doesnt have to be perfect.

Not all
Exhaust vents have a dedicated flange for the tube to slide on to.
Its ok.

Thank you. At the bathroom vent the hose was disconnected (looks like the hose was probably too short) so I’ll be back in the attic fixing that. I don’t think there is a clamp so when roofer pulled vent I think he pulled the hose right off the bathroom fan.
*I’m thinking that I’ll cut a hole in a sheet of thin square plywood and use short screws to better secure. Is this a bad idea? Could moisture sit on the exterior side of the plywood from condensation or from a poor vent design letting some wind driven rain in and then over time compromise the deck? Other thought I had was use little blocks at each corner of plywood allowing and air gap for drying and the ability to see if I have a poor vent.

  • Only reason I’m paranoid of vents was I had one above kitchen leak and it wasn’t at the roof mating. Believe it or not both the joints in the vent flashed inward rather than outward.

Yes it will rot if there is space between vent and duct.get the steel throat which goes as bundle for that vent and screw duct to it + aluminum tape .5-10 min job

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No rain if properly shingled ,moisture from exhaust itself will stay in opening between vent and duct

In our area stem vents are required. I often find vents that have worked loose and polluted the attic with moisture.

What is the steel throat called? Trying to find online but I don’t see anything. If I have the vent exhaust setup to where it is beyond the deck would rot not be an issue?

Unfortunately the local hardware store has only one vent that has a collar to connect. All the rest are open. I’m guessing existing holes were too large for the one the hardware store had so roofer used this type? Looked like the label at store says gas on description. Don’t know what that means exactly.