Roof drain?

Hi, I’m a newbie here and in dire need of some help. My DH and I have noticed what looks like a couple of pipes sticking out from under the eve of our 2 story home. We never really noticed them before, but 2 days ago one started a fast dripping of water that has slowed somewhat, but still dripping nonetheless. We weren’t sure if these are “roof drains” or something else? Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Lisamy

A picture would help.

well it depends on the design of your house… weather they are attached to gutters or your house has what they call a water table. if in fact it is a water tabel then you may have have built-in gutter which would make your make your downspout come threw the soffit i hope this helps. next question does it leak only when it rains or all the time

Do you have an air conditioning unit in your attic?
Could be condensate drain.
PVC / plastic pipes?

The two pipes are under the eve of the house. Above and off to the side of our front door behind a two story brick archway. Both our a/c units are outside the house.
Hope that helps.

Again pictures will help

im still gonna ditto dennis.
your handler( the place were your a/c
drip lines come from), may be in the upper attic.

if dennis is wrong then you may have a flat roof that does in fact have a couple a drains comin out through the eve.

ok i just caught the part were you said BOTH our ac/
units are outside.

2 dripping pipes?

ditto dennis.