Roof design - seeking solutions


This rear roof includes a shed dormer, two large walkout dormers, and various roofing materials including a flat EPDM roof over a large addition as well as garage bonus room. There was formerly a wooden deck over the large addition, which was not replaced following a major storm 10+ years ago (previous owner regretted not replacing the deck).

The left walkout dormer and surrounding area needs some work (eg, reshingle/reside), so we are casting a wide net of options for what additional changes to make, if any. I’d love to ditch the left walkout dormer, but that would remove great source of lighting and also runs risk of adversely impacting value of home. I’d also love to ditch the large flat roof but don’t have a vision for how to do so.

The simplest plan would simply be to reshingle/reside the walkout dormer, perhaps increase slope above the large flat roof, and replace the wood deck outside the walk-out dormers.

What other approaches would you suggest to improve this roof design and aesthetics? Be creative. Thank you.

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Some pictures would help. Best advice I can give you if you want a deck is to use interlocking pavers such as softsurfaces on top of the roof. Once you put a wood deck over a roof the only way to maintain or repair the roof is to cut the deck apart.


Thanks - how do I upload photos?