Roof damage at high pitvh to flat transition

I am in charge of the local church in Wisconsin. Bad deal for flat roofs. We have an A-frame over most of the building but on each side facing south and north, we have a 12 foot wide flat section.The a-frame secton was covered with steel about 8 years ago and is pristine at this time. there are drains on either end of the 115 foot length of each flat section. but water pools between the drains. 5 years ago we had heat bonded asphalt material installed. it has been good for the most part but here is the Problem: snow and ice slides down off the a-frame and I believe punctures the asphalt material. I’m not sure of that but it’s my opinion. Is there a way to protect the flat section from damage? At a reasonable cost, of course. This is a church.
thanks, Ken

have “snow jems” installed on the metal to slow down the snow & ice on the metal

yes, snow/Ice guards ought to do it. Just make certain someone guarantees the adhesive used to affix the guards to the metal.

I like to glue the snow guards at about 6-8’ intervalls (vertically). On long panel runs, if you have 20’ panels, the snow picks up a lot of speed before it gets to the bottom. At 6-8’ intervalls, it keeps that from happening.

Aaahhhh… Winter time in Texas & the livin’ is easy.


I am ignorant about “snow jems”, but I assume that is horizontal pieces attached to the steel, in this case, roofing to keep the snow and ice from sliding down quickly. Right? Ken B

looks like this