Roof cleaning and maintenance contract

Any of you experienced roofers ever done an annual roof cleaning contact? I have had multiple customers ask about getting on a rotation lately, most of them wanting their roof and gutters cleaned 2 or 3 times per year. We live in Pacific NW and deal with a ton of Pine needles and moss. We clean roofs during the winter months to keep our guys busy, but don’t do a ton of cleanings the rest of the year. I’m curious how this has worked for other roofers. I’d guess the sweet spot would be 2 visits during the wet mouths and then another visit sometime in the summer.

PM me. During the recession we started the only maintenance company in our area and it has done very well. You and I are not far apart geographically. It is also a great feeder into our roofing division. Would love to help if needed.

How you guys are advertising roofing maintenance.

Check list ?
How much you charge?
What metod of cleaning sre you using?

Very interested in this set up. Perfect for working alone and doing repairs / maintenance.

It was a game changer for us. We set up a separate division so it wouldn’t interfere with our roofers schedule. We built that division based on the pesky jobs that most companies don’t want to mess with, built a catchy radio ad campaign, sent mailers to all of our previous customers letting them know about the service and reached out to realtors. When we inspect a roof for a realtor and they are looking at a $600 repair rather than a complete reroof they are usually thrilled. These repairs in that price range are usually about 2-3 hours max. Roofs that are unrepairable are pushed to our roofing side. It took a couple years but once we got brand recognition it has done very well. A 4 man crew did about $500,000 last year with very little in materials.

I am happy to help with any details you’re interested in, (provided you don’t live within 100 miles of me!)

12 miles from the south end of lake Michigan, so I don’t think I’d hurt your business!

And there is absolutely NO chance of me moving out there to work in the cold!

Let me know any information I can help with. I received help from other roofers and would be happy to pay it forward.

I need to make a list. Hourly rate / SQ rate, roof system, penetrations, et al… Is there a template that you use that I could modify?

Kind of. I have most of it in Aculynx but most everything is based on projected man hrs plus material costs and occasionally an asshole tax as needed! Our repairs typically have at least 60% markup. Have to account for the inevitable go back at no charge.

Working on a factory that I was contracting repairs. They thought it would be better to pay hourly and buy materials/supplies. Didn’t care for the idea at first, but $1.25 a minute isn’t bad for winter work…

That’s right and based on your knowledge and years logged on the roof I’m thinking you’re worth very dollar of that!

Works out about right, but I don’t like the idea of punching a clock. That and I can’t find any youngsters that want to learn. Repairs are where the money’s at in my opinion, no liability! The damage is already done. That’s why I’m interested in your set up.

PM me anytime. I don’t know much but what little knowledge I have I’m willing to share.

Probably 50% of our buisness is slate and tile repairs, valley and flashing replacement.

We hardly do full tile installations anymore. I would much fix them than install them. Better $$

Sloppy post. Much rather repair than install.

Last big slate job we did I lost money on. Almost never lose money on repairs or maintenance.

My favorite things to sell while doing slate repair work is add snow guards and copper ridge cap on While you are already setup and you can double your profit.

Very little slate in our market, Pacific Northwest. Your repairs are much harder than mine. I can remove 100 pieces of concrete tile in about 30 minutes, no slate ripper required!

Yea tile here in pa is 100 year old imperial / ludowici dirty shitty mess with 100 years of repairs. I’ll take 100 year old slate over 100 year old tile any day.

Agree with that but we don’t have any 100 year tile. We are a bunch of wagon train settlers that started with sod or log homes. Our nastiest roofs are 3 layer comp over wood shingles. Our tile roofs are mainly 30 or so years old and installed over battens or spaced sheathing. You East Coast guys have much more refined, and way older, roof systems!