Roof Certification Letters

Do any of you contractors out there do roof certification letters for real estate brokers or FHA?
And, if you do, what area of the country are you in, and how much do you charge for,say,a three year roof cert or a five year roof cert?

I do roof certification. It’s really a 3 part thing.

a) roof inspection and report summary. To be paid for at time of inspection regardless if it can be certified or not. minimum $375.
b) repairs to bring roof up to a certifiable level. (if necessary)
c) roof certification. This would be a minimum of $500.


Is that what you charge for an FHA Inspection, usually called in by a Realtor or Home Owner who is supposed to close on the sale tomorrow.


Yes Ed. However it’s not always an FHA thing. Sometimes just a smart buyer is requiring it on a roof that is questionable.

What it really boils down to, it’s an insurance policy on the roof and we are the insurer.