Roof a couple months old now, problem?

Hey people :slight_smile:

I was here a few months back, posted final pics on the Gallery here too. I had my roof inspected by the shingle manufacturer yesterday, I asked him a few questions about the North front facing roof (L ranch). It seems that along the edge the lowest row of shingles curls up slightly on the right and left edges of the shingle (Slateline). (visable when standing on the lawn looking up to the edge of the shingles that extend past the fasher) Also a few small lifts (not quite feathered looking but again, not flat)on edges half way up the same side of the roof. We have had weeks of above normal temps so these shingles are sealed down now good and should be flat. Rest of the house looks perfect.

His exact response to me was “Initially I had concerns that the shingles were installed butted too close end to end, which would not allow for expansion, but the curl is being caused by a ripple on the underlayment.”

He said the roof is sound, but what do you think? The comany followed all the standard instulation underlayment requirements, I took pics while they worked, that underlayment appeared perfect that day, the roof was finished in 1 day.

Is that just an cosmetic issue? Could this pose a problem?

The feathered few shingle edges he saw, on closer inspection, were do to some lifting up of nails here and there, again, only on a handful of different shingles…all scattered on that same north face of the roof. Just enough to make you do a double take, and even the untrained eye would question why, after all the nice warm weather, the shingles only here appear lifted slightly.

His claim is that hammering the nails down tight now could cause damage to the slateline shingle, that the proper method of fixing the nail problem would be to break the seals on those individual shingles and re-nail them down again. I assume that would prevent the shingle from geting cracked???

Yet another concern, same shingles, different maufacturing date, installed 2 months apart (should they need to replace a few) would the color be off???

Other then that the roof came out perfect. He said that he needed a couple of weeks to send the roofing company his report and that I should call them about a month from now to ask someone to come look at my concerns and have things corrected.

(I asked him too if typically roofing companies call their customers to correct things, especially after receiving a report with issues, like mine will have in it, or do they typically leave it be unless the customer has a complaint about the compleated job) He couldnt say for certain, and with the economy and the fact we are now in mid June and they are no doubt booked with roofing jobs. I almost feel like, well…like I will be a dirty little secret and they will assume if I dont complain then I get what I got.
Do you guys receieve maunfacturer inspection reports and when there is issues do you make the initial contact to the home owner? (Loaded question).

What is your take on the right way of getting this fixed? Are my concerns more cosmetic or could these effect the life and performance of my Slateline shingles???

Thanks again folks…


If the nails are poping this early the plywood they are nailed to might not be any good. If your in snow country and you have feathering when it ices up the edge of the roof you might have problems depending on how much ice and water is used. If they were butted together to tightly you might have problems with sealing later on. I would call the company back that did the roof and see what can be done. Color should match but it might not.