Rolling new asphalt over damaged section on flat roof

Hi everyone: Newbie here, and just handy enough to get myself in trouble. My wife and I rent an apartment where we have access to a flat asphalt roof. We wanted to be able to sit comfortably up there and have some light outdoor furniture, especially since we’re working from home during the pandemic. A roofer who was doing some work on the building suggested those wooden IKEA deck tiles that snap together. We got some, put them down, but it didn’t occur to me I should use any kind of underlayment. After two days light use I repositioned a tile and noticed that the hard plastic grid on the underside of the tile had dug down into the asphalt on a relatively small section of the roof, leaving regular 1/4" depressions that are maybe 1/8" deep. It hasn’t caused the roof to leak as far as I can tell but I don’t trust it going forward.Needless to say I removed the IKEA tile as a poor idea.

My question: can I just roll out new asphalt over the damaged section (which is approximately 4’x 8’) and use adhesive to cover up the scarred asphalt? Is this a kind of job I could do myself?

Thanks for any advice

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No. If you want to put the Ikea tile back on, buy a 1/2" asphalt protection board and put it under the tile. That will protect the roofing membrane. Keep in mind that the asphalt roof IS NOT a walking deck!

Hi Don, and thanks for the reply. I’m thinking I should not put the IKEA tiles back under any circumstances; our roof has two kinds of asphalt, mineralized (is that the word? the kind with the heavy gravelly surface) and smooth. The tiles didn’t do much to the mineralized asphalt but in the heat they sank right into the smooth asphalt. I don’t really trust any underlayment, I’m afraid that over time the tiles would work through. I’ve found that Greatmats sells a kind of soft PVC deck tile that they say is rated for asphalt roofs and it seems like I should go for something like that (with an underlayment this time, just to be on the safe side). At this point I just want to repair or cover up the damaged asphalt so the indentations in it don’t grow bigger over time and cause leaks.

As I am sure we have done something we should not have while renting an apt with roof access. I know I have. Installed a sat dish, and had boom shakalaka boom ;p) lol. I digress…

First there’s no such thing as a flat roof. It still has a small amount of pitch to drain the rain water complety dry a maximum of 48 hrs after the most recent rain. “Buliding code” If you made some kind of intention roof. Yes it should be fixed ASAP. To keep any water pooling up and slowly becoming a bigger problem. Good you for speaking up especially when you are the one that caused it.

I would recommend brushing away any dirt, rock, debris, drying any h20 /moisture and rolling new over damage. Basically a small patch and seal 100% around on edges. in this case would be ok since you didn’t damage much with small indentations.

Lastly if want to keep using and enjoying the top roofing deck. Throw out that IKEA crap. Bulid a small 4x8 or 8x8 platform with a few 2x4x8 ona 24" OC with 17/32" ext plywood. Lighty sand primer paint to help with any splinters. That would easily distribute your weight appropriately up too 600lbs per 4x8 section. Yes, you could easily cut it into four by four squares or smaller just stagger the joints.Like $50-75 in parts I would use 2.5" deck screws to take apart easily when you move.

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Hi Tim: Thanks for the reply. So with the patches, I would just use roof cement? And should that be applied only to the edges of the patch, or should the entirety of the patch have roof cement under it?