Rolled roof. Concerns?

Rolled roof. Concerns?

I have a few concerns with how the rolled roof is adhering. There are some spots where the rolled roof is puckered on the edges, as well as some points where the roof material doesn’t seem to have adequate coverage.

Should I have any concerns over this response (in photos)?

“We have to wait a few days for the roof to settle down then we heat edges in with a heater. Roof is fresh…”

(Rest of photos at link in case they didn’t upload here)

Rolled Roof Photos

That may be the absolute worst wrinkle I’ve seen in any roofing application. It seems like someone would have to try to create an aberration like that.

Looks like self adhered. That parapet detail is scary. I guess you’ll find out when they come back with the mystery heater. I hope that metal is primed.

How would this be fixed? Re-rolling? It has been a few days since applied and roofer hasn’t come back yet. Assuming the adhesive is no longer effective at this point?

Yes. And after doing some research myself. It looks like this doesn’t appear to be proper application for a parapet wall at all.

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Bad wrinkle in underlayment caused the material not to lay down At bottom edge.

Giant wrinkle near the rake is because they just didnt know how to install it And screwed up. Just terrible.

The way they did the parapets,
Not ideal. But would work if it was torch-down.
But self-adhered?
I would have at least burned the seams together.
I too, feel it is ridiculous sometimes to install metal coping on some of these parapets.
Sometimes it is just not necessary.

Looks like there was already metal coping on the parapet and they ran the rolled roofing over the top of it, instead of under it. The wrinkles are because they couldn’t neatly bend it around the corners.