Ripped off

I could use some help! 1 month ago i resided a house as a sub for a general contractor ( House Watch of New England) Owned by Peter DeGennaro. of Reading, Ma.
I Was NEVER payed!! He gave me two checks, the first for 1600.00 and the final remaining payment of 4500.00 i deposited both checks and one week later they came back (unsufficient funds $1600.00) and (stop payment $4500.00) i then callled him, and he had a gripe about $200 for a window i took out and framed in as the home owner asked. he sayed it was too steep. Although, mind you, he signed all estimates, change orders, and final bills with me. then cancelled the checks. i told him he could have the 200.00 and pay me again the rest. now he hasnt returned calls and is ignoring me. ive givin the info to my lawyer and weve brought it to the district court and they denied my criminal claim against him. best part is, ive got all my paper in order and signed but never signed anything binding myself or company to him, where he has.

What do i do now? how can i get my money? civil court is so slow and ill never get all my money!

all your help is much appreciated!!!

pissed off roofer

Put a lien on the house. WHen the appropriate waiting period is up, foreclose the lien.

I agree, throw a lein on the house, and then send a copy to the new owners.

after the homeowner sent complaints to the better business bureau, and state. The former g.c. threw large rocks through the brand new harvey windows, rake metal and siding.

( Asshole in question):
Mr. Peter DeGennero
"House Watch of New England,LLc
40 sunset rock lane
Reading , Ma. 01867

You hang out with a rough crowd there B.

Sounds to me like a bunch of overgrown babys temper tantrums sovle nothing. Personally i would go after his valuable items the he owns. Hopefully you had a contract signed by him. Do this legally not just take. Go to court with a lawyer and go after items like cars home so on. Hope it works out.

Oh My God— I am currently having work done by Peter Degennaro. I sincerely hope you were paid-- because I paid him to PAY YOU! In Full. I am concerned about other subcontractors not getting paid. Please if possible to post a reply on how I may follow up.
Just so you know- if it is any consolation. 2 other home owners and I are considering filing a complaint with BA-- if three complaints come in regarding the same person-- the BA pulls the affilliation and it is permanent on the record.
Thanks— Concerned Consumer

To Theonasia: Before paying the GC, have him give you a Release-of-Liens from the sub-contractors and material suppliers.

To Bonnell03: As the others have suggested, either go after him in civil court or put a lien on the property. Unfortunately, the homeowner my have to pay you in full to get the lien released, but then they can sue the GC.

I know you have been waiting for my reply…
lien the house. Then tell the homeowner that you are liening it. Get them on your side.

did i see a pride roofing?

the best advise i can give you is to charge more and get atleast half your money up front.
and a little trick i use alot.
after ya got half your money cashed in your pocket, do just half the roof,
then tell the home owner your comin out to finish and to please have a check ready. thats when i get the check first, bout ten a clock break, and head to the bank, make sure it clears.
that way if somethin happens (homeowners can up and die on ya), atleast you got half the money and only had to do half the roof.
start tellin people i dont do your work with my money.
i do your work with your money.

and theonasia,
are you sayin that your the homeowner in this mess?


Follow him home and kick his ass… thats what I would do

One time when i first started I subbed a job to a guy and paid some money up front. 2 months went by and He never did the job and i had to do it myself. However i had signed contract and a check that was cashed by him along with proof that he didn’t do the work. This idiot got a job to do a remodel on a vacant next door to my house. So one day when he was working by himself i pulled my truck in right behind him blocking him since the driveway was only one lane. My fence on one side and the house on the other. I told him I wasn’t moving my truck until he paid me in full.

He threatned to call the police so I said don’t worry I’ll do it for you. So I called my brothers best friend from high school who was a detective and had him tell this idiot that he had committed a felony offense and since I had a signed contract with me he didn’t want the police to show up. To make a long story short this idiot had to get on the cell and call up everyone who owed him favor. Since I lived next door I told him to come over to my house when he’s got the cash money and I’d be more than happy to move my truck. So i sat by my window and ate lunch while he scrunged for over an hour to get money. He paid me and i moved my truck…and then he left the jobsite for the day. His poor girlfriend had to bring him the cash. So I say find a way to block him in and tell him your not moving till he pays. Waht’s he gonna do call the police?

Sucks getting stiffed by the contractor. It’s happened to me quite a few times. Don’t forget to write to the Attorney General in your area about him that way it’s on record in his office. A few of those complaints and they get in BIG trouble. The AG in MO nails em to the wall.

SYS hey whats shakin?

Don’t forgot to also piss on his shoes. :twisted:

Hello-- sorry for my delay— I am a homeowner – in a MESS with Peter Degennaro— but I went down to town hall— pulled the permits and got names of all the subcontractors that were listed and called them individually to make sure they were paid— so far some of them were— The Roofer has been paid-- so I am glad it wasn’t the person on this website-- however, my plumber and electrician have received bounced checks from Peter. I am calling the BBB and the AG’s office by the end of the week. This guy really gives the profession a bad name… Good luck in getting your funds –


He has just gotten into trouble in maine. I actually mowed his lawn he never payed me either, obviously it was noway near the amounts that other people have gotten screwed by him, but it is pretty said when you cant even pay the kid that cuts your lawn

Stone Cold, I’m guessing you did a word search for this guy’s name because I can’t think of any other reason to dig up a 1½ year old thread.

actually 2 1/2 years old.

So what. expose the A-Hole