Riglet or sidewall counter flashing


What’s the going rate per lineal foot for grinding into a brick sidewall and tucking in riglet. I’m also installing the step flashings prior to this. Thanks in advance for your response


You will need to call someone as there is no “going rate” for something like this.

You just want the slot cut or do you want the counter flashing installed also?

Will it be a straight cut following the plane of the roof or cut to be stepped into the mortar joints?

Stepped is better and will cost more.

You can cut the slot yourself, all you need is a 4" angle grinder with a diamond blade in it.

This will cut a slot 1" deep and make sure it is consistent.


Our pricing depends on weather it is part of a new roof install or done retro, as well as if it is straight or stepped. It also varies shingle/ slate/tile.


Yeah, my question is pertaining to old roofs when the existing step flashing/counter flashing is poor. Remove old, grind in for new, install new.