Ridge Vents

I am having a new roof w/ ridge vent.

shingle is Certainteed Landmark 30. what brand ridge vent should be installed? should it be Certainteed.

and what about soffit vents. proposal does not specifiy any soffit work. aren’t they necessary to make ridge vents work properly?


jerry please provide us with pics.

i dont believe certainteed makes a ridge vent product.

i believe they work closely with airvent (shingleventII)

also GAF snow country is a good product.

Cobra is a good vent. We usually use that.

As for the soffit vents. Yes, you need both and there should be air space between your rafters - eg, if you have that space fully stuffed with insulation, then soffit/ridge vent combo is pretty useless. Also if there is insulation in the overhangs, then soffit vents won’t work.

Another thing. Soffit vents are usually NOT a part of roofing job, an is an Add-On, for which the contractor needs to be paid. Installing soffit vets is VERY time consuming, thus has to be paid for accordingly.

Good luck.

Shingle Vent II and Cobra Snow Country are both well reputed ridge vents.

Air Vent corporation used to be a subsidiarry of Certainteed, but was sold off to Gibraltar, but Certainteed still specifies and promotes the Air Vent products and theories.


Snow Country Advanced…It was full flow by Hedrick. GAF bought the company, and discontinued the product. After many complaints GAF finally started making a comparable product.

It has the nails built right into the piece. This way you dont have to worry about your roofer not having the right nails for the ridge vent…I have seen crappy companies nail shinglevent with 1" coil nails…and then the customer wonders why there vent blew off with the first wind gust…

See the attached link.
Here is more info. on Cobra Snow Country


Good Luck.

jerryv, shingle vent is recommended of Certainteed products but not required. I feel that it is the best product for a shingle roof system and I have used them all. Yes,soffit vents are necessary for a balanced ventilation system.There are several options for intake vents depending on the style of your home and soffit design. Another option for proper intake is a product called smart vent that does not require any under eave work.