Ridge vents and critters?

I’m considering getting ridge vents but am concerned about wasps, mice, etc getting in through the plastic edges and into the attic. Most of the ridge vent systems I’ve seen seem pretty open to insects and chewable by rodents. Does anyone put metal screens or screen systems down under the ridge vent first? I’ve seen one after market metal screen solution (Ridgeguard) that goes on external ridge vent edges to keep wasps out but have never seen them in use. The filter material most commonly used seems easily beaten by rodents and also clogs up from attic dust from what I’ve seen online.

Can you comment on how you keep critters out of the attic when using ridge vents? Thanks.

Nah,iyou good bruv,haven’t seen critters nor rodents chewing thru,just get any 12" plastic ridge

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If they want in, you cant stop them.

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