Ridge Venting versus Spray Foam insulation (Hot roof) for MN roof

2/20 - I’m looking to have my roof replaced this spring and looking to either go with a vented roof with ridge vents or a non-vented roof with spray foam. I don’t have any attic space and all the space upstairs is livable space. I want to know which option you would recommend. The quote I have for spray foam insulation is much more expensive than the vented roof with ridge vent option. Please let me know the pro’s and con’s of each.

Both, install baffles to maintain airflow from eave to ridge & fill the rest with foam.

This has the added benefit of not having the foam stuck to the roof deck.

This will of course cost more and you will be told it isn’t necessary because foam is magic.

Excellent spec Axiom!
Another benefit is you would now have an inside gutter system
where most leaks wouldn’t reach the interior ceiling. They would ride out through the soffit.
Just Install some fully perforated soffit. :slight_smile:

It would be a great leak detector also.
Being able to check for leaking super easy by just standing under the soffit.

Just spraying the foam directly to the deck,
It traps the water leak
You usually dont know you have a leak
until it rots the wood completely out and you notice a dip in the roof or walk across it.

Of course what we are talking about would only work for a gable roof.
You couldnt do it for a hip roof.
Or where the hips are at.