Ridge vent slot cut


I am having my basic roof re-shingled over existing shingles. We also decided to add a ridge vent along the top. My roofer used the basic cobra ridge vent. When i went in the attic to inspect the ridge cut, i noticed he cut the slot straight to the very ends on both sides. I seen daylight coming through both ends and was able to wiggle my hand and figertips to the outside. I was easily able to push my pen right outside through the gap. I told him all the instructions on the internet say to stop the cut 12" from the end. He says he will put up some flashing to prevent any water infiltration and said it wasnt necessary!!! What can i do at this point? should i be concerned? The roof is already completely shingled now but i have yet to make the final payment.


You are correct. You need to stop the cut. He should be able to lift the last piece of ridgevent and place a piece of flashing under it and use a little common sense caulking, along with some ridge shingles under the ridgevent. Hopefully you didn’t get the roll cobra. The baffles should do the rest. It’s the very end of the vent that you would be worried about. Those things are designed for 140mph winds. You should be fine.


Did you also have them install proper vent & soffit vent. I know this has nothing to do w/ your question, just wondering. Ridge vent will still vent w.o. it but not as well.


yes, the soffit vents were already there. He used the basic cobra ridge vent which just looks like a roll of black gauze. Im just really concerned about this slot cut going right to the end, which leaves an area of pest and water infiltration. Every single instruction and you tube video on the interent shows that the cut must stop 12" before the end wall. I have no idea why he would go to the very end on both sides, considering he is a 30 plus year roofer in the business. I was able to slide debris, my pen, etc, through the gap that was left at the very peak at the ends. If the 12" of roof was left there there would be no way to see daylight or anyway to pass through. I just dont know what to do as the roof is completed and he is asking for his final $1600 check.


have him flash it with a piece of metal , you will be fine


Show roofer the literature that indicates that he cut too much towards the gable end.

Here is how I would have him repair each side…

  1. Pull up the last shingle on each side of the roof
  2. Install sheet metal over the cut area (black if you can see the cut from the ground)** OR ** (Close area up with new plywood)
  3. Re-install the used shingle on one side
  4. Install a brand new shinge on the other side and lap the upper part over the ridge and on to the re-installed shingle
  5. Re-install the vent and ridge shingles

I do not like the functionality on the rolled cobra vent. The vent is not rigid enough and can flex in high winds. The flexing will begin to wear the ridge shingle where the head nail is placed. Over time…shingles will loosen and could blow off.


As long as he fixes his error, I see no reason not to pay him. Simple fix too.


We just had a metal roof installed. We have an attic fan and can see daylight were the ridge is. It’s a tiny spot will this cause a leak and if so can I caulk it ?


Call your roofer and have them come back and fix it.