Ridge vent on 4/12 roof

Hello, new to the site. I’m building my house in the Upstate South Carolina. The main part is 12/12 pitch with a cathedral ceiling and it has 2 rooms coming of that with 4/12 pitch. I’m putting a ridge vent on the peak of the 12/12 and am thinking of using the ridge vent on the 4/12 pitch. But I am concerned about rain being blown in through it. It faces the way the rain usually comes from, and I get about 100 inches of rain a year. I’m thinking I should go with the conventional roof vents. I am using the Cobra Ridge vent. I would appreciate your input on this. I like the looks of the ridge vent though. But naturally I don’t want any rain coming it.
Thanks, Ted

Snow country advanced (cobra w/filter) will help separate drops of water preventing a drywall stain. Im a fan of a company called Quarrix. They sell a corrugated plastic material that has a decent NFA and would take a lot to get wind-driven rain to breach.

Should not be a problem.