Ridge Vent Length

Just had a new roof installed last week. However, I noticed the roofer didn’t run the ridge vent as long as the old one. Instead, there is a good 2 feet where there used to be a ridge vent that they just put shingles over. Should I be concerned? Why would they shorten the ridge vent?


I’m assuming they didn’t run it out all the way to the edge of the roof? Functionally, that’s fine, the last two feet is likely overhang and there isn’t anything cut in under it. In other words, functionally, they’re the same. Some roofers seem to prefer running it out to the edge of the ridge, others don’t.


It’s not worth worrying about. The most likely scenario is the last roofers ran ridge vent over the overhangs (where it doesn’t actually do anything) and the new guys stopped it short of the overhangs. Either way is acceptable and which was looks better is just a matter of personal opinion.

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If you prefer the aesthetics of it running the whole length, if you hired good roofer they will probably adjust it for you. As everyone has said, functionally you didnt lose anything.

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Thanks for all the replies! I’m not worried about the looks so much as I am leaks. It seems to to stop a foot and half short of the overhang. I’ve read where if they use regular shingles over a roof vent there will probably be leaks. I also see a lot of light coming in at the end of one of the ridge vents. Some of the regular shingles used seemed to be raised from the outside. I’ve attached some pictures hoping they will help give yall a better idea.

It looks shoddy but the bigger issue is it is not cut out wide enough. This isn’t going to vent appropriately in some areas.

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Thanks for the reply. I added some pictures to give a better idea of what I’m talking about.

The previous roofer cut the ridge vent in. This one just installed ridge vent over the area that was cut exposing the previously poor job. The most recent roofer should have said something and done it correctly. So they both suck but for different reasons.

Do you think I should be concerned about the raised shingles or the light coming in?

It looks like you had 2 mediocre roof crews in a row. Not horrible, just mediocre. Which is about par for the course, I see this kind of crap all the time. But by the way, this isn’t isolated to roofing by any means. If it hasn’t leaked yet, I don’t believe you have much to be concerned about. There is a slight gap between the ridge cap and the roof to allow air to exhaust, otherwise, it wouldn’t work. So seeing some light is common. Not great fit & finish but far from the worst I’ve seen. Kind of the type of work I’d expect to see from many storm chasers and low ball estimators.

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Am I blind or they used ridge cap under dormer or there is smart vent covered with caps ,looks interesting ,could you snap full bottom side of dormer ?

For cosmetics i would have gone end to end with the ridge vent.
From the end of a gable to a wall.
The holes would have been left alone.
They are sufficient.
He didnt go far enough with the vent on that one photo.
Its not the end of the world, but it could have looked better cosmetically.

I disagree With the opinion that the holes were not cut wide enough.
I personally believe they might have been cut too wide.
Everyone does it differently i guess.
I try to keep My ridge hole openings at 3 inches wide total. Regardless if there is a ridge board somewhat in the way.
I have seen leaks because the hole was cut too wide.
Especially important on lower slope roofs.


When I first glanced at the photo, my first reaction was not cut wide enough as well, same as Tileman. But after I looked closer, I realized the Ridge Beam was hiding more than 1/2 the width of the cut. I agree with you roof_lover, the width of the cut is more than adequate. Tileman is too busy battling the one guy over starter shingles to have given it a second glance. :poop:


If I’m not mistaken ,there is either ridge cap or shingle above steel apron underneath and shingle under apron looks like they sandwiched for looks to not hustle with new apron