Ridge Vent Installation Error

12/12 pitch roof on 2 story house. I hate going up on it. Ridge vent was installed (by others - can’t get them back) too close to gable end chimney. During heavy rains, it leaks. I want to remove a small section of this Cobra II vent, about two feet. Original ridge vent was aluminum, same location but it did not leak. Seems it would be a strait forward repair. Any suggestions on the repair process, and with what material to cover the slot? I’ll try to post a picture later. Thanks in advance.


Why do you think the ridgevent is leaking? Could it be the chimney?

Personally that would not be my ridgevent product of choice. But there is a few people here who swear by the Cobra product.

Pics would be a good idea.

I’ll try to get some pics this weekend and bump this post when I do.

only way it could really leak is if they cut too much off the top of the shingles and the weeps are showing could be leaking there…i don’t like GAF ridge vents at all i really like Extractor 4’ nail over, but you have to use what you got i guess

Just cut back the cobra and cap the gap, put some underlayment over it first if it makes you feel better. Easy.

I bet some one didn’t get the shingle far enought under the sides and the hole is right there.