Ridge Vent Install

I recently had roof done. The roofer put ridge vents on roof. I had a chimney guy on the roof and he showed me a picture of the ridge. On both sides of the vent there is a slit in the ridge cap shingle. The slit is covered with caulk. The roofer said this is normal. Is this normal? Should I be concerned about future leaks? Thanks

This is normal.


Anything else probably isn’t

thanks. i’ll try to get pictures from chimney guy tommorow. it doesn’t look like the pictures you posted. Why would they cut slits on both sides of ridge vent?

Pictures are needed. You make it sound like there are ‘open’ slits in the roof. either beside the RV or past each end. (Not all roofers know how to run to the ends, or to chimneys) Picturse would clarify things.

I’m interested to see some pics too harryt.

[quote=“tinner666”]This is normal.


Anything else probably isn’t[/quote]

I like the broom but not the ridge venting product. Is that Cobra’s rolled ridge? Do they still make that stuff?

Yes, that’s Cobra. I also used it on my house as a test. Not problems at either place in 10 years.
I’ve seen a few pics here and there in which it leaked. In each case, dust and debris was kinda clogging the OUTER edges which suggests the ridge was acting as an intake. As an outlet, the dust should accumalate inside the attic on the visible part you can see by looking up.
I look at mine often and have yet to see any leakage, or signs of dust accumalation.

The stuff does look as if it could leak, dosen’t it?

Cobra Vent is what we use most commonly and we have had no problems with it.
Cobra Vent gets a bad wrap because people sometimes see there caps come off soon after they are installed.
In my experience, this only happens when crews use the coil cap nails to nail the caps on the cobra vent and the pressure of there compressor is not adjusted correctly.
The end result is the cap nails blow partially thought the caps. It doesn’t take long for wind and time to pull the caps loose of the nails.
Personally, I choose not to use the coil cap nails at all when using cobra vent, I like to hand nail the caps.