Ridge Vent & Attic Fan or not

Hey all,

I’m currently in the process of getting quotes to have my roof shingles replaced. Currently, I have an attic fan with no ridge vents but with vents on the Gable ends.

I have contractors telling me I need a ridge vent and others me telling I shouldn’t have them because the attic fan will just suck air through the Ridge vent.

Which is it?

Thanks in advance

Yakman (P.T.)

Dont need ,upselling .just replace gable ones when they die.
Less complicated roof =less failure spots

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Ridge vent is designed to pull air up through soffit vents. You never mix passive (ridge vent) and active (power vent) ventilation. Never. If you go with ridge vent, you’d need to close off the power vent and gable vents. Without seeing a layout, I’d say you just leave it as it is and don’t hire the guys trying to upsell you on ridge vent.

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