Ridge issue or no issue?


This just an aesthetic thing or bigger issue?


The wavy unstraight lines themselves are strickly cosmetic although its a definate sign that whoever did your roof did a sloppy job. I’d need to see pics of how they did tricky areas like flashings to say if I would condem that roof.


The roof may never leak but that is very sloppy work. If one of our crew did that, I would fire them and ask the homeowner if we could replace any slopes done like that.


2nd story widow pic.
GAF Natural shadow i believe.
I see no proof yet of complete ignorance by the crew, company salesman and owner
But i have a great hunch.


Somebody didn’t know you are supposed to fill the string line with chalk. Pretty bad for architectural shingles.


The butt joints are my concern. It’s a lazy installer without a tape measure. Check those butt joints at the ridge. I see 2 that are lined up on your field shingle.


I agree with rooferama. It looks like the top two courses down from the ridge along the rake are bond over bond. I cant tell if thats a sliver of a shingle on the second course down or not. However, where the bond over bond is, there may be a quarter or half an inch opening below the ridge cap where water can get in. The third course below the ridge would only go about 2 1/4" up the second course above it. So about the 6th ridge cap in may leave that gap. Over time could cause issues. Other then that, cosmetic.


Sorry if I’m not up to some of the terms, but by bond over bond basically the seams line up on ridge and top shingle layer? Couple more pics.


I agree with the others that it’s clearly sloppy work.Also the seams look too close together.It could be the angle of the shot but some look as little as 4".On a pitch like this I personally keep them 7 or 8 inches apart.