Ridge/Cap shingles not available

So when we picked our shingle color, i didnt know you couldnt get the ridge caps in the correct size for a ridge vent in my area. Is there any issue just using a similar color of an available shingle from the same line? I’ve been trying to get someone to order me 3 bundles of the right size, but the big box stores cant seem to get it together and the roofing supply companies look at me like i have 2 heads when i try to explain what i need. Thanks!

Are you using a 9" ridgevent?

All hip/ridge shingles are pretty much a standard size. 12"

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I used OC VentSure 4’ strips. I assumed the caps would be 12" too, but they are 9". There are 4 per sheet in both bundles I got, and no one here (Oregon) sells that color in 12". Closest place I found was michigan. I can get other colors in 12" so I was going to just do that. Something that’s close. I just don’t want to shoot my self in the foot if that might be an issue if I ever want to sell or something.

What shingles are you using?

If you want to keep the small vent,just cut the caps to the appropriate width.
I prefer wider ridge vent

Sounds like you have Z ridge

I used OC Duration, in Quarry Gray.

patchap: the vent is 15" wide, needs a 12" shingle. My local places only sell the 9".

The config i used is literally the picture at the top of the ProEdge Hip and Ridge brochure.

Go to an actual roofing & siding supplier and they will be able to get you what you need and who cares where they have to get it from.

Do you have an ABC supply in your area?

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I do, that’s where i bought my shingles because they deliver to the roof. They have no idea what i’m talking about. “We sell these and that’s it.” I even tried 2 other branches in the area. It’s been a while, i’ll call them again and hope for a different turnout.

Miss communication somewhere, not big of guy here but they like other manafactures have multiple types of hip and ridge shingles, see if they have duraridge or decaridge

I just called them, finally got someone who knew what i meant, but he has to call his rep to find out if they can get them in this region. Is it just me or is it a little nuts that they sell a ridge vent in this region that requires this shingle, but not the shingle? He did suggest 3-tab, which they do carry. Would that be a better option than another brand or color?

Ask them if they have 9" ridgevent.

The 12" is already installed on my roof. What do you think about the 3-tab option? Is there a big difference between those and “hip and ridge” shingles?

No there isn’t. Worst case scenario they might break down a year or three before the field shingles, but probably not.
If the colour is close enough I wouldn’t hesitate

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All ridges and hips used to be made with 3 tabs. Just get those in the right color.