Retrofit Ventilation

I recently bought a house that was reshingled by the previous homeowner less than 5 yrs ago. The problem is that they failed to install any ventilation within the attic. I am not concerned about adding ventilation at the ridge either with ridge vent or a powered vent. The way the house is built adding soffit vents will not be feasible. What are my options here? Could I install dome vents along the eave to provide intake air? Or will this cause snow/rain to be sucked into the attic. I am located in northern IA so snow in the norm and not the odditiy. The roof is an 8/12 pitch. To add to the issues this is a finished attic space with kneewalls.

Thanks for the help in advance!!!


Why are you thinking about vents?

I am getting some condensation on the nails that are through the sheathing as well as this attic is a livable space, therefore summer ventilation is a big issue.

Have you looked into the eave/fascia vents by dci or coravent?

I’ve seen those products but I don’t plan on replacing the roof as it is perfectly good, just trying to work with what I have.

How is the house built so that soffit vents are not feasible?
No overhangs?
Ideally you would put in soffit vents and rafter vents.
You will need to get air to flow past that knee wall.

Could you post a picture?

This sounds like a typical cape cod with a finished second story except for the storage area on the other side of the knee walls.

They make Fascia Vent products which will serve your purpose. The DCI Products company makes a version and sp does cor-a-vent I believe. Just Google Fascia Intake Vents.

The olnly PITA you will have is if there are gutters already installed, then you would have to carefully remove and reinstall them after the fascia vents are in place.

You can also create your own version of a fascia vent by cutting strips of the old cobra vent and removint the existing fascia board and install wood blocking then insert the cobra brillo pad like material between the blocks and then install the new fascia board. If done this way, make sure you have enough gutter apron drip edge to cover the new 3/4" bump out created.



If you install facia vents, your shingles will be short.


On all the nails?

The whole roof? Just one area?