Retrofit Ridge Vent?

Hi Everyone,

I’m a homeowner in Connecticut with a raised ranch – it’s really simple, it’s a big rectangle :mrgreen: 52 feet long by 26 feet wide.

The roof is approximately 5 years old and is a simple 3 tab that was on the house when I purchased it. Last year I had central a/c installed and because the house is a raised ranch all the a/c venting was installed in the attic.

In the summer the attic is extremely hot to the point that I feel it is effecting the performance of the A/C.

Currently I have two gable vents at each end of the house with some very small soffit vents. House was built in 1967.

Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to retrofit a ridge vent into the roof? I was trying to avoid doing it until I was ready for a new roof however with electricity prices being what they are I am thinking it would not be a bad idea and would also extend the life of the roof.

Any ideas on a rough cost are appreciated.



If you already have gable vents you may just need more intake at the eave/soffit… Another option is installing an exhaust fan in one of the gable vents to get more air moving. If you’re looking to re-roof in a few years I would do the gable fan because it’s fast, cheap and effective. You can most likely install it yourself and then just do the eave/ridge vent thing later on down the road when you re-roof.

*aprox 50’ of ridgevent both to cut the existing ridge back and install is maybe…around 800-1,000 dollar range. Give or take. I don’t know where you live, exactly.

Gable fan is around 130-150 dollar, installed by you for free.

Great, thank you for the response. It sounds like its more economical to go with a gable fan for now and worry about the ridge vent on the next roof. Thanks again for responding.