Retirement plans anyone


I never seem to have enough money put up… My plans are to build a bunch of garages. For rent pay them off within 15yrs. That’s what the guy did that I rent a garage off of. I put my equipment and all my material in it


hello all,
I hope to retire with money to go south and escape the winter frosty temperatures----not loving it.

I guess living on a tropical island can have some drawbacks too, but when it is minus 20 with the wind chill----I will take it over the cold.

I would like to build a small house on a remote and lovely island that is warm!


I am 35 years old with Ira’s and 401k.

I also own a used car dealership.

I offer my employees 401k with company match.

I also offer profit sharing.


Marshall did you start your own roofing business? Or was it a family business. I’ve worked really hard over the years and I can’t get my business to that level and mind you I work just like my guys I never leave the jobs I do so many jobs that the ppl at allied don’t like me because of jealousy but financially I’m not even close to that. Hell I’m almost a celebrity in roofing around here …if not ill definitly be legendary however like I said besides running legit with all my insurances I can’t get any further thought about getting into web design for contractors and setting up webhosting for them me being a roofer would give me an edge over other web design companies


to be on that level…you cannot be the installer or on the job more than an hour a day. You need to be out selling…sell, sell, sell! I run 2 roofing crews and a siding crew. I sub my seamless gutters out and make a huge profit off of that line. All of my trucks, trailers, shop, shirts, advertising…is all top of the line, new and clean. Presentation is very big. I usually spend an hour to an hour and a half with almost every estimate. Only done face to face. Join rotary (research it on the web, nothing to do with roofing…but a good orgization to be involved in for networking). Dont think of your self as a roofer, but a business man, salesman and manager.

No it was not a family business. I founded it in 2000.


Gee Marshall, We sound the same. Same philosphies and everything. I am not nearly as big as you are but with how things are progressing for me in this area I hope to be up there with you someday in volume of sales. All my vehicles are like yours, not beat. I usually get a new truck every two years. Trailers painted nicely, lettered nicely, matching shirts. It is surprising but I do get a lot of complements on it and have even had homeowners go so far to say that one reason they chose us is becuase of how neat and clean our apperance was and how well kept our equipment is. I guess it goes a long way in the minds of the people I target my sales to. All I can say is I hope you drive Chevys.

Take care and I hope the weather is treating you nicely there this time of year.


I don’t mind chevys but I drive an 06 F350 mint cond chevys don’t tolerate the weight like a ford does especially their rear end parts and front suspension , maybe your right marshall but I was raised roofing and its what I’ve always done not sure otherwise but ill checkout rotary that’s a website?


A crew member of mine had a F150 which is comparable to the 1500 chevy and his truck was having a rough time with the trailer. I dont really care about the trucks. Ive just had horrible luck with everythign except chevy although i am sure peope had that problem with ford


most dodge 3/4 tons. 1 GMC 3/4 ton. 1 ford 3/4 van. 1 ford escape for sales.

Rotary international is a worldwide organization of over 1 million members of business people that meet once a week.

The main goal is to help communities and eradicate polio in the world (which still exists in third world country. Basically to do good in the world.

But the residuals of being a member is meeting all of the other members who are usually better off financially. so you can network and eventually they will ask you for a quote before other people as they need work. Thats really not the reason for it but a good perk for a contractor.

the motto is “Service above self”

the four basic things you need to follow in being a member are

  1. Is it the TRUTH?

  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?


  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

If you are a member, people that know about rotary (which is a lot) will tend to trust you as you have taken an oath to follow these standards.

I make it a point to tell my customers i am a member of rotary. And no its not a cult (haha) you can find your local club here. Tell them i sent you :wink:


When I was the same age as most of you guys in this discussion…gas was 70 cents/ gal/ heat oil was the same…a one ton truck costs 10,000…and i planned my retirement on current conditions…when i started in this business…roof shingles cost $4.50/ square and we got $5.00 to put them on…guns weren’t invented yet, nor Ice and water shield/. It’s hard to judge the costs for the future,…especially 25-30 years from now. One thing I learned…no matter how much you think you’re gonna need to retire…it will never be enough.