Residental Roofing Material Question -50 year -V- Lifetime

Thanks for everyone’s time and effort upfront. I am getting ready to reroof my house. I try to research before I drop some heavy coin on a household project. I have been lurking in the background on this forum and have settled on the Certainteed “Landmark” shingle. I am trying to decide between the 40 - 50 - Lifetime. The difference between the 40 and 50 is minimal so its basically between the 50 year and lifetime. This is a house that I plan on staying in so a long duration product would be nice. If the lifetime or even the 40 or 50 year product a marketing hype or would I actually see a benefit ? Is there special skills that I need to make sure the roofer has experience in for the higher end product?

According to the warranty, the reduction figure for the 50 year is 1/600 (months - 50 years) with a material liability of 55 a square. Its been a long day and maybe I am not reading this correctly, but wouldnt that make it a 50 year warranty and basically match the 50 shingle, since it has the same exact terms? Am I better off just doing a 30 year? The price between makes you learn toward the additional years. … ay2008.pdf

If it was your personal house, what would you recommend? I dont mind spending an extra buck or two to do the right thing since we plan on staying. Is there a preferred ridge vent that you would recommend as well? So far in my reading on the forum, I am seeing airvent - shingle vent II. Same question on the ice and water… is the certainteed “Winterguard” on par with the Grace product?

Thanks everyone again for helping me do some due diligence on this roof project!

Well if you are going to use certainteeds products you can add roofers select and get the a better warranty.

As far as running with a 50 year to a 30 year. Is it worth the money, well unless you are in your 30’s and will stay in that house for atleast 40 years than no run with a 30 year. If you look at it like that it should help. If installed correctly both shingles will last atleast 25 years (30 year im speaking of).

How long you honestly going to stay in the home?

What is your age range?

Is it a better product yes, is it worth the money if you are in your 50’s then no. I have seen shingles on a home installed correctly last 35 years out of a 15 year roof. SO if everything is done right either shingle would be a good choice.

If it were my house I would go with the Landmark TL’s.
They just look better IMO, they carry a 110 mph wind warranty also.
Expect to pay more for labor on these also, they are very heavy and they take considerably longer to cut properly, relatively speaking.

If the roof is applied correctly you will not need the warranties, pick what you like don’t let the warranty guide your decision.

No matter the shingle it is unreasonable to expect an asphalt shingle to last more than 35-40 yrs.
While a premium shingle will perform longer in keeping water out they will still aesthetically deteriorate after 30 yrs.
Many of the premium shingles will last for the rated warranty period, they just won’t look very good towards the end.

[quote]So far in my reading on the forum, I am seeing airvent - shingle vent II. Same question on the ice and water… is the certainteed “Winterguard” on par with the Grace product?

I always use shingleventII, GAF snow country is very good also.
I have had snow infiltration problems with Lomanco Omni ridge…

Nothing is equal to Grace, Grace is the best you can get.
No other Ice & water shield can even be compared to Grace.
Certainteed HT is pretty good stuff, I personally do not like the Winterguard, especially the sand surface variant.
It (winterguard) can be removed from the roof deck during tear off, so I question whether or not it even works as an Ice & water shield…
In the past I have had to replace bad wood that was under Winterguard, this tells me that it does not work as intended.

In the long term a premium roof will save you money and look better while doing so.
It is all in the application.

Where are you located?

Landmark TL then Landmark Premium then Landmark. The Landmark Plus is overpriced and you can’t tell they are any thicker than the 30 years from the ground.

Here is a link to a pic of a very pretty Landmark TL shingle, … 0602AhlnUb … 0602HqKMdm

The home owner who built had my put down one layer of Accessory ridge shingle and he didn’t want to double it up which is what I always do with the 50 year shingles.

Certainteed is comming out with a new high profile ridge soon called Mountain Ridge. They have a thick ridge now called Contour Ridge which looks ok. What I have found is the Accessory ridge is an exact match color wise to the Landmark shingles while the Contour Ridge is a tad off color wise.

Done three Landmark TL roofs, and tons of Landmark Premium roofs.

A couple years ago was buying the TL’s for $90 a square. Now the Premiums cost that much and the TL’s have jumped to $125 a square. The home owners who got the TL’s got a killer deal. For warranty reasons the TL’s are valued at $120 per square. My rep at Certainteed said they were selling them cheap at first to get them on roofs.

In the past two years Premiums have run $83-86 a square. Got a black Premium roof to do this week.