Reroof estimate - would appreciate some feedback


This is for a re-roof for an ~18 year old roof in the Houston area. The insurance adjuster came out, did a thorough inspection and found hail/storm damage. Given the age, though, there is a good amount of depreciation (~50%). So the ACV is much smaller amount (after deductible) and the recoverable depreciation is the larger amount.

I have been working with one roofing company so far - Found via local reviews (Google, Yelp, BBB etc.). I WILL be dealing with the contractor and insurance company separately (i.e. I have not assigned the roofing contractor to work with the insurance company directly). This is a strictly roofing company - they do both commercial and residential roofing … I read through several posts in this forum and would appreciate some feedback on a few points:

a) Cost: The contractor mentioned that the insurance company estimated the cost of re-roof accurately - so the cost is exactly as outlined (the detailed estimate from the insurance company does provide a line-by-line explanation of costs). Intuitively, I have no particular reason to disbelieve this. Though I’ve never had to deal with homeowners insurance - I’d be hard pressed to imagine that the insurance company would be paying anything beyond an average cost of what it actually takes … (this is my interpretation of having seen how insurance handles medical claims) …

b) What it works out to: The house is 2-story, the estimate mentions a pitch ranging from 6.5 to 8.5. The area is for 47.2 Squares. The cost works out to $382/SQ. The proposed replacements (or scope of work) are:

  • GAF Timberline HD (Lifetime architectural). I am confused on the “lifetime” as in some places it mentions 50 year… From what I read here, these warranties are worthless
  • Synthetic Underlayment
  • Install new decking / flashing as needed (there is a chimney)
  • 10 year leak free warranty (from contractor)

c) Contractor: As mentioned above most of my vetting has been via social media only. Though the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive. My only hesitation is when I read a complain from one reviewer - who mentioned that his/her initial 5 star rating was because of a “gift card” provided by the contractor - which he/she retracted after the roof started leaking and the reviewer was having trouble getting the contractor to do anything about it … But, having been in the customer service industry (not roofing), once in a while we all face these difficult to satisfy customers … I’m bothered nonetheless …

d) Other red flags: I’m going by several posts I read here:

  • The contractor mentioned that the job can be scheduled in about 2 weeks. From what I read here, the reputable roofers have jobs scheduled out for a couple of months?
  • The job shouldn’t take more than a day maximum to complete … This sounds too fast for me …
    There is a possibility that I’m being overcautious on the above two points. But, would appreciate some insight.


Not sure on what it would cost you, but I would expect to pay around 3x that much for a metal roof like decra in my area.


$382 per square sounds high for the Houston market, especially for that pitch. I would think you could get that roof done for around $16K. 2 week backlog is fine. Ask for 5 references within 10 minutes of where you live that’s been done in last 6 months. Call all of them. Drive by and look. That will tell you more than anything.


Thanks people for the feedback. Couple of questions:

A. I’ve seen hailstorm in this area once in a few years. Rather than go through another potential roof damage, I’m considering putting in something that’ll offer some protection. If I choose asphalt, I see there are impact resistant shingles - any downside to using these? If I were to consider the stone coated metal shingles (I’m hoping that with the look of these HOA wouldn’t complain), how much per square am I looking at? Any downside to these?
B. Flashing: Should I insist that all flashing be replaced? Or “as required” is fine?

Once again thanks for the feedback …


If half the roof is 7/12 and the other half is 9/12,
Than i think the pricing is appropriate.

I would be charging more than him but i am required to do more
Like remove all underlayment to the bare decking, renail all the decking perfectly,
8d ring shank nails every 6 inches on every truss
Install one billion fasteners in the underlayment and wait for an inspector. Twice…