Replacing SIPS stress panels


Has anyone had experience in replacing SIPS stress panels due to water damage to sheathing?


I assume you are talking about the patio covers that are textured metal with the foam in the middle? Every home I’ve ever been on that had them, was a leaker. I’m sure that they come in different sizes, but the ones I’ve been on are about 4" thick. 4ft wide and some have been 12 ft long panels. Not sure if its a sweating issue that causes them to fail, but I’ve solved the problem, two ways. I screwed fan panel to one and put TPO over it. I put EPDM on one with water bonding adhesive and the last one, I seam taped and put two coats of GACO tape, then coated the whole surface with GACO, 2 coats. The reason I did the GACO on the last one, they didn’t have alot of money to spend and it was on a 3rd story. GACO was much easier.


Best way to fix is to put a real roof on them. Just looked at one with one of our estimatoras, not very old, 50 year warranty, company out of business leaks all over. We are going to mechanically fasten densdeck and torch 2 ply modified on top.


I fix those with Hydro-stop.
Paint,4 inch fabric, paint.
Paint again.
It works great if you inbed the fabric super fast.
I think it is the best fix for those structures.


Structural Insulation Panels…used on log homes and many post and beam construction. It is structural…not a sunroom.



This is a stress panel. There is a 2x6 t&g ceiling attached the bottom sheet. Wondering if anyone has had the experience of replacement of one of these panels. I know what to do…just fishing for any tips…:grinning::grinning: