Replacement sky light


Need help…just had a new roof installed with replacement of skylight. When discussing replacement contractor stated we would be responsible for putting up molding on inside of house to give a finished appearance next to drywall. After the removal of old and instalation of new i was very unhappy with the appearence from inside. The replacrment skylight looks larger then exesting opening and does not line up with old drywall. You can see the roof deck and has a gap that looks like it will require more than alittle molding. They replaced with a deck mount but not sure if the old one was a deck or curb mounted. I am also concerned about condensation build up due to cold winters and hot summers. Is this common practice ? I feel the contractor is giving me a hard time and feel it was installed correctly die to the look. My gut it telling me it wasnt and feel i am at a loss. We already paid in full and contract stated would replace with “like kind and size”.Any advice?


Need to see pics but not at all uncommon for new skylights require a fair bit of interior finish work compared to older styles. Not sure why you would be worried about condensation on a new skylight if you had one prior and didn’t have any issues before.


As island said not uncommon at all. All of our skylight contracts real " All interior finish work by others". Trust me you do not want the average roofer inside your house trying to work with drywall and trim.

We normally deal with velux In my area, a while back changed there sizes and the new and old skylights do not line up exactly. It is normal to require some drywall work, trim, or crown molding around the top to make it work depending how your opening was framed.

As far as condensation ect. New skylights are typically built much more efficient than older ones.


I agree with the guys. Hard to get a perfect replacement. Insulated frames are all we install. This can decrease the width of the inside diameter. I always go inside and spot the light before we install it. I always warn customers about the possibility of sweating. Let a carpenter or a drywall guy fix the interior. You’ll be fine.


Are you able to upload any pics?


Do not let a roofer finish your skylight, trim is all you need. Bur do upload photos. And next time you get home repairs done, take before photos. Makes finding issues way easier with film. All my jobs I take before photos, saves time when issues comes up.