Replacement shingles or old inventory for ambassador?


We are adding a garage onto our house and need to match the existing shingles. I have a couple of questions:

  1. Our existing asphalt shingles appear to be of a tri-lam construction with the top layer “teeth” tapering in. Every one I see these days have the top layer flaring out. Our roofing sub tells us these are the Certainteed (Celotex) Ambassador which were discontinued. Does this description sound like the Ambassador shingle?

  2. Are there any current shingles out there that have the top layer tapered in? If not, does anyone have any old inventory that would allow us to roof our addition (approx. two car garage-worth)?


Pabco shingles flare in


You can still get the old Celotex Ambassador its just under a new name now. Certainteed Landmark TL “tri-laminate” Certainteed bought out Celotex a few years back.They also kept the Presidential TL .


You can get the same brand of shingles and same color to try to match it with your house but they will never look exactly the same. There will be a difference in color and if the garage is directly connected to the old roof and you are going to tie in the new shingles with the old, the color variation may be very noticable depending on how old the shingles on the house already are.


Thanks for the info. I’m working the Pabco angle, though it’s going to be a hassle because it isn’t sold through anyone local in Denver. We may have to re-roof the old section due to color variation in the end anyway as BamBam suggests. FWIW, the Ambassador “look” was discontinued by Certainteed. The current Presential or Landmark has flared teeth, not tapered teeth. The guy at Pabco I spoke with said that Celotex copied their look on those tapered teeth anyway.


They didn’t carry over all of the colors, plus the cut or flare is different, although somewhat close in style, not the Same.

I have a link to a site that has out of stock shingles available for about 1/2 price, but then you have to pay for the shipping.



Thanks Ed, that would still be a good deal perhaps.
What site is that ?


I have to look for the printed version, since I did not have the internet savvy several years ago to save the site(s) as a link in my favorites.

I do know which customer’s job folder it is in, but that job has about 3 fully packed folders of information.

The Lady took over 2 years to pick a shingle color, so I was documenting my actions to assist her in the event things turned sour, like I figured they would after she couldn’t make up her mind.

So, I know for a fact, that I saved the paperwork with the shingle availability.