Repairing granule surfaced rolled roofing

Some areas of my granule surfaced rolled roofing on my home addition are more worn out than others. It is almost down to the asphalt base in these areas but it is about 10% of the entire area and it is because of a gutter leak from a shingled roof above that is now repaired. This roof is not leaking yet and I want to do preventive repair.

I am not sure what to do. These is something called quick roof

that is aluminized and has several layers and is stuck by removing the release paper. There are some elastomeric coatings such as Kool Seal … PDS&lang=E

and Snow roof

The elastomeric coatings also need primer.

Any suggestions anyone. The roof is sloping but the drop is about 1 in 10

silver coat it.
nice and thick.


Never mind the trendy stuff. If your doing a repair use mastic aka Karnak or Bulldog with fabric and a trusty margin trowl. trowel about 1/4" and rub in the fabric nice nice then trowl another coat. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

Or better yet do both. Preferably three course first then silver coat.


Do the repair like Jim said.

Do not use Aluminum roof coating or the other specialty coatings. Use black asphalt roof coating. This will soak into the roofing material. The other coatings sit on top.

Am I wrong or isn’t aluminum coating the same thing as black asphalt roof coating but with shiny stuff in it?
The aluminum will slow the aging process by reflecting the sun on top of soaking in to the roof. If I were to coat a mod bit or bur it would be with aluminum asphalt coating.


Aluminum roof coating is a UV protecter. It does not soak in. That is why you will see it peel off it the roofing material that you go over is not cleaned.

You will not see black asphalt peel off.

For modified all you need is a UV protecter.

People use aluminum roof coating as a cure all.

My two cents worth:

I suspect you have an SBS modified bitumen roof membrane, since you stated there is probably a 10% granule-loss down to the top layer of bitumen. If this is true, and the membrane is not yet cooked or damaged, the solution is simple. Forget about aluminum coatings, re-saturants, and all those products. You need to apply a urethane coating over the affected area, if not the entire roof. It will give you reflectivity and will help protect the mod. bit. roof membrane. Otherwise, do it right and install new membrane overtop the damaged membrane, but do so without creating drainage issues.