Repair Sprayed Urethane Roof


I have never worked with a urethane roof before. I have on that has a leak in a spot with ponding water. The roof has drains but the slope is not taking water to them in one spot. I am thinking the best way to go is to use some sort of coating rather than try to tear out part of the roof but again I have never worked with urethane before. Any suggestions?


Ask aaronb from chi town i think he owns rose roofing hes a poster on here and Tom Hay sells spf kits .


You need to cut out the wet urethane, apply new urethane, and coat.

If you have major drainage issues, you may want to drop in an additional roof drain.


dry it up.
slop on some kool seal.
if that dont work than, ditto Cerberus.



Tear that area out - in our case a valley 10 foot by about 150 foot … then we isntalled two layers of polyiso foam 1 1/2" each - then we adhered TPO to the foam and up the adjoining slopes we screwed TPO over the existing foam and then glued that into our valley area … so far so good - solved a long-time problem with this particular valley while not costing an arm-leg tearing the whole darn thing off …

We did have some concern for the flutter in the TPO - as this is a rather large roof so we used some 4 foot and 5 foot sheets every third run …