Repair-- renail and replacing arch shingles

Hi guys,I have been reading the topics and questions on this web site and find them very interesting and i can tell you guys have lots of knowledge and experience to answer these question is: when a roofer replaces 5 damaged arch shingles on the same horizontal line, does the roofer has to put the nails that came out from the good ( old ) shingles on the same nail spot?? Or, IS it Ok. to renail the good ( old ) shingles right next to the previous nail holes and put a little bull on the old nail holes?? I live in north east florida. Does any body knows the florida building code about this particular repair? thanks in advance.

You would not want to put new nails into existing nail holes because they will not hold well in the now over sized hole. They need to be driven into “fresh” wood. Should be no reason to use “bull” (roofing cement). But if you feel the need to, then sure, have at it. Don’t use too much though or it will cause the shingles to blister over time.

I doubt Florida coe addresses this situation.

Ditto what Tar said.

Sealing the old holes would be a good ideal, but with just enough flashing cement to seal the holes; I use another nail by the head, dip it into some flashing cement and push the tar “into” the hole.

Jussst in case there’s a blowing rain storm. It won’t hurt.

New nails in new holes definately.

ditto all.