Removing ice and water shield?

hey everyone, i was just wondering how everyone else was dealing with getting ice and water shield off when doing tear offs or were you just leaving it on and going over it with new?. it is impossible to get it off. sorry if this was talked about before and i missed it.

If you can’t get it off, then mother nature can’t get in.

It’s like painting…whatever can’t be scraped off to the point that you risk damaging the substrate (wood).

take off what you can, re-seal what you can’t.

Or, replace the decking altogether if you have to have it taken off.

Good solid adhesion is a sign that it is doing it’s job. Why fix it if it ain’t broke?


thats what i thought to. it is just nice to know thats the general consenses. you never know what these city inspectors are gonna say though.

Ice&water does not come off. You clean it up best you can and put a new layer right over it.

IMO you eithier scrape it off as good as you can and go over it with new, or you remove the decking and install new. You have to install new eithier way simply because the old has several nail holes in it. I would like to see iceguard come in 42" wide rolls so we can go over the old and the seam not break at the same place

Some brands come off most stick to the decking.

Some brands also seal the shingles to it.