Recover details


Many companies here go around the pipes with mastic on asphalt shingle recovers instead of installing new jacks over the old ones …

Cant say they are leaking …

What are your toughts …

Just wanted to see your individual inputs :wink:


We caulk the pipes with Vulkem on recovers. But we always bring the bottom of the old flashings out onto the new roof, so if anywater does get it, it comes back out at the bottom.


we install new boots


i fabricate a copper flasing on site. i use a piece of 5" ( thats for 4" cast iron) round smooth copper leader and a 14 x 18 piece of copper. the neoprene on the boots allways seams to crack in five years.
most of the old houses i do have lead or copper that lasted 80 years all boots i see have caulk on them. just as well stay with what has worked before.


We don’t do re-covers. You can’t polish a turd.


i gotta go with the monkey on this one.


we only do like 2 a year. its the homeowners money, and if thats what they want …after we tell them the cons…thats what they get.


Same here Marshall, its the homeowners house and their money, if they want to pay us what we need to do the work on their house, I will be more than happy to do it for them. Better me than someone who might not care about the house or the homeowners.


Sometimes you just can’t talk them out of it…
If I have plenty of work We don’t do “go-overs”.
If we need the work I try to talk the customer out of it , they seldom listen…
The workmanship warranty drops from 10 yrs to 2 yrs for a go-over.
And I do my best to make them side jobs…

Choose to roof over = poor long term thinking…
It is just going to cost more later…


As long as the specifications are met, I’m not above re-roofing.

They are few and far between, but when you find one that can be re-roofed and replace the boots with copper and the aluminum chimney flasing, it looks twice as good and performs twice as good.