Recommendations on lead generation?


We have always been a door knocking company. We are in Oklahoma. No need for a leads company now…but if/when storms hit this year, I am interested in seeing if a lead generation company is worth anything.

In my head the answer is no. 1. People probably like telemarketers less than door to door. 2. Dont most lead places sell the same lead to multiple people?

I am just working on a lot of stuff to make next year better than this year. Processes, and being efficient etc etc…thought I would get your opinions on leads.

As I work through things, I am going to be asking for other recommendations as well. lol.


I have tried it all and have a working system from start to finish.
Cold calling works best and getting referrals is better. There are alot of important tweaks that make or break that system.
Of the lead generation companies the leads are weak.


[quote=“drfixup, post:2, topic:15924”]
Of the lead generation companies the leads are weak.
[/quote] That is what I was afraid of. Thanks.


Of the lead generation companies the leads are weak.

This rather depends on what kinds of leads you’re buying. There are so many different ways to generate leads that it’s hard to group them all into one basket.

For example, if I was H-A I might pitch it as “we want to make sure you get the best roof repair contractor for your home, so we recommend asking for 3 contractors to give you an estimate.” Should they charge less for that lead than an ‘exclusive’ lead (which they don’t offer) - of course.

But the reality is, a lead you’re paying more for isn’t exclusive either. The home owner always has the ability to call other contracts, do a Google search, or put more effort in to get a second opinion.

That doesn’t mean that lead generation is a bad idea.


We get most leads from our website with SEO, but we managed to get them from websites like too

Buying leads from lead generation companies is risky. You need to be really luck to find a quality company.



Did anybody see new Google ads for local business. Try searching: “san francisco plumbers”. Could that work for roofers?




Are you referring to the 3-pack at the top of the page? I’m not in San-Fran so its possible that I’m not seeing the ads you are.

If you’re referring to the 3-pack, then yes it can work for Roofers.



No 3-pack, I think Google is testing local lead ads. You can see in the San-fran list of local plumbers and it doesn’t look like 3-pack



Google is testing something new. It looks like local lead gen directly on Google.
you can send requests directly to plumbers. I’m not sure that will work for roofers.

You have to see it before you can get a quote



I did see this… and after looking into it here’s what I’ve found…

  • They seem to currently be testing the new leads platform.
  • It’s not being used/released everywhere right now… (but it’s a great preview to know where they are headed)
  • It should work for any service based company if/when it’s released.

Of course they could find that they aren’t interested in the idea and pull it completely… but that really isn’t Google’s style.



You can’t give a quote before inspecting the roof.



Most big lead sites (Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Service Magic, etc) give pretty low quality or worthless leads.

The best way is to get a good internet marketing firm (a challenge in itself) that works in the roofing industry to generate leads EXCLUSIVELY for you on your behalf. It may at certain times be more expensive (usually not) but most of the time the lead quality is far superior and you can make MORE than your investment back on just the first few new customers for the entire year.

I have some experience in this area is anyone wants to chat, just email me and we can pick a time to jump on a call.