Received 3 quotes need help deciding?


I live in central ontario where the winter is cold and snowy 3-4 months. The shingles of the existing roof have curled. I have been advised to replace the roof. The roof is 13 years old, done the the earlier owner.
I have received 3 quotes one will use IKO Cambridge. The other will use CertainTeed Landmark and the last GAF.
The roofer who had quoted IKO lives on our street and has done 3 houses on our street using IKO. He is also the least expensive of the 3. The price difference is almost $2000 between the GAF quote and IKO. CertainTeed is also $1800 higher.
Any advice would be welome to help me make the right decision.


Are they all bidding the same specs? Your in Ontario, so they don’t have to use underlayment. I recommend underlay on the whole roof even though it’s not required.
Iko are ok, they are more prone to installer issues but in the right hands they’re fine. Certainteed are really nice and gaf are alright.


Thanks Patchap,
They are all biding on the same roof. What is an underlay? They all are putting 6 ft watershelid, is that an underlay? What is the general life of a roof?


That covers the first 6’, I would recommend you have them cover the rest with an underlayment as well.


An underlay is commonly called “felt paper” or “tar paper”, even though the most commonly ones used these days are contain no tar or felt. Watershield is a type of underlay but I would not recommend putting that type (it is very sticky and makes removing shingles in the next roof very difficult) on the whole roof, I only recommend using it in area where it is code to do so (usually first 6ft and valleys).

I would estimate the average life of the shingles you were presented to be between 20-25 yrs. Around the time your roof was installed last time there were several defective shingles brought out, I suspect you ended up with some of them if your roof is curling after 13 yrs.


I assume the GAF quote was for Timberline HD as opposed to Timberline Natural Shadow which is a lower quality shingle. If this is the case, the shingles are all comparable. The iko warranty is actually longer for the initial 100 percent coverage period, 15 years as opposed to 10 years for the GAF and certainteed.

Prices vary widely from contractor to contractor as does the quality of work. Quality often is not reflected by price, meaning the higher bid is not always given by a higher quality contractor.

How big a percentage of the quoted prices is the $2000? Are the contractors all including the same ventilation and flashings? Is soffit ventilation adequate? Is price for potential decking replacement speced in the quotes? Are contractors insured? Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. I’d definitely talk to the other people in your area who have had their roof done by the IKO guy to make sure they would recommend him. Also, if you decided you want to use a specific product, any installer worth his salt should be able to install any of these products.

I live and work in mid Michigan, and I’m guessing our climate is similar to yours. We install ice and water shield to a point 2’ past the interior of all heated walls per code and to all valleys. Synthetic felt or standard 15#/30# felt to the remainder of the roof deck.

Good luck! And get references


Thank you GrandRenovation, what you said makes sense. The price difference is 6500 vs 8500 vs 8300 for the same roof. For me price is important and the longevity/quality of the product. We have been crossing paths with a warm hello with the roofer in my lane for the past few years, he looks trustworthy. The other two roofers sounded knowledgable and BBB A+. My main concern was such a big price variance.
I will ask my Neighbors for reference.


As far as longevity is concerned IMO it’s Certainteed > IKO > GAF.


When you are talking thousands of dollars for a new roof 8300 and 8500 are the exact same price.
They both had the exact same measurement and presented a price as low as they could go and be competitive.
Something is most likely being left out with a bid that is 2000 lower.
Not always but i think you are taking a risk with the lower bidder.
I remember when i use to be cheap
But i wasnt paying general liability, workmans comp,
pulling permits and doing everything myself with a guy or two.
On another note, i am a Certainteed fan.
As another poster said,
Make sure you dont put “GAF Timberline
Natural Shadow” on your roof.
If you choose contractor installing timberline
Make sure it says "timberline HD"
If they just said "Timberline"
Dont call them back to clarify.
Dont consider them at all.


Are all quotes from general contractors or a Roofing Contractor? On the Estimate is GC O&P included? This could be 10/10, 15/15 or 20/20. If a roofing contractor is bidding against a general contractor he will most likely be less. If ice and water Shield drip edge, gutter apron, starter, felt, or flashing is Missing on the Estimate it could be off. Also make sure the work is outlined on the contract. I would try Ownens Corning Duration Storm and get a Platinum Contractor for a Lifetime Warranty if available. The Impact resistant shingles can save up to 30% with State farm insurance. This could cost an additional $20 or more per square but could save over $600 in yearly premiums. A manufacturer certified Contractor must follow manufacturer best practices.


Also vents, the roof flashing for HVAC, pipe jacks, chimney flashing, skylight flashing, decking over space decking, detaching the gutters from drip edge? Many items could be left off the original estimate and you may be supplimented for additional at a later time. (In small print of the contract )
Hopefully this helps
Best regards,
Aurora Colorado Roofing


I find GAF installers are overly proud… Especially when it is the same price as IKO. Yes, I install IKO, put it on my own shop 20 years ago, same year as I put Owens Cording on the house and GAF on an outbuilding. House needs re roofed, outbuilding doesn’t look as bad, shop still looks great.


I think the brand of shingles is mostly preference. The truth is, contractors often choose based on what manufacturer they partner with. Example, we use Owens Corning because that’s who we are partnered with.

As far as the price difference. The cheap quote is likely a subcontractor without all the overhead that roofing companies/contractors have. Workers comp, proper roofing insurance ( remodeling insurance rarely covers roofing projects), salesman and continuous improvement to ensure we stay current. Also check the warranty on all three options as this will increase the price of the shingles and overall project.

If you trust your neighbor and he has atleast the minimum insurance to remove you from liability in case of an accident, you should go with him. Just make sure you are insulated from legal action in the event of an accident.


I would not use Iko shingles they are garbage your roof will not last long I would go with GAF good factory warranty plus labor warranty and always remember the cheaper you are the worst quality work you get the more expensive they are the qualities better