Reasonable Price?

I’m trying to figure out if a price is reasonable for MA/NH area. I needed some patching done around my chiminey and sewer pipe on a 3rd story mansard roof. They also had to re-nail some flashing around the edge of the roof, and re-attach some aluminum/vinyl trim around the top of the house and around a few windows. All in all, the job took 5 1/2 hours and the supplies came to $160. I was originally quoted between $500-1000 for the job, and the roofer later came back telling me that the cost was going to be $2300. Any ideas what this should cost given that it took 5 1/2 hours?

Did you have a written contract that described what was going to be done and for how much?

What is his explanation for the significant price adjustment?

If he did not get authorization for the extra work and if it is not listed in his written contract, then unless he verifies what extra work he did, it does not sound reasonable.

Was the 5 1/2 hours all on the job site and was it just one guy?

Did they have to make anything at their shop and did they include driving time to and from the job?


We had a contract, but stupidly did not include a price because he was a referral through a friend, and he said that he couldn’t be sure of the exact price at the time we signed because there were some slate tiles that needed to be replaced, but he wasn’t sure how many (by the way, these were never done, and the price was still this much more). They did try to say drive-time, etc. which was about 20 minutes each way. It was 5.5 hours on the job site and there were 2 guys doing the work. He isn’t giving me any reason for the extra, just that “that’s how much it costs” and is now denying ever telling me $500-1000. Thanks for your help!!

Okay, so lets add the drive time in, which the guys do get paid for usually and multiply your hours of time by 2 men.

5 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 =6 1/2 x 2 men = 13 man hours plus material.

What is his hourly rate for repair work, per man hour?

Is that written in the contract?

Usually, slate tile repair companies are higher priced per hour than regular shingle companies.

How many hours did the estimator originally state the work would take?

Just for comparison sake, we charge $ 75.00 per man hour, which is around the Chicago area.

I have a written cost with a low to a high possibility written in the contracts for repairs without exceeding the high unless their is written authorization.


They still refuse to give me an hourly rate, and it wasn’t listed in the contract. Although the slates were written into the original contract, the company does not specialize in slate, and they never ended up doing them (and have no intention of doing them). They originally told me that the job would take about a day (at the $500-1000 quote…tried to say that it would take 4 days with a new price of $2600…then when it only took 1 day, are still trying to charge $2300). By the way, I never authorized the price increase…I said that I wanted to be shown exactly what was being done for so much more money…when I got up there, they had already done most of the work. Also, they are trying to charge for 2 hours estimating the job. Aren’t estimates usually free? Thanks again for your time…it’s extremely helpful.
Also, to roof over a flat roof porch that is about 10 ft X 10 Ft using rubber, what would you say is a fair price?

Get a “Final Waiver of Lien” from your attorney and determine what a fair price that you think you agreed to is and use that as your final amount agreed to.

When you make out the check, mark **“Paid In Full” in the memo field.
Also, ask your attorney about my advice and recommendations, but he should agree.

If the contractor wants to get paid the amount you think is fair, he must sign the Waiver Of Lien to collect the check. No signature, no payment!

A 10’ x 10’ being done with other work would be charged cheaper than if that was the only thing being done.

It really depends on what it ties into as far as a shingle roof tie-in or wall or what perimeter edge details there are and what obstructions and penetrations are in the way and how high it is and difficulty of access.

Probably anywhere from 500 to 1,500 by itself.


If you have a slate roof why would you ever use a roofer who doesn’t know slate ? slate work could easily be a few grand for repairs depending on exactly what they did.

The slate isn’t really what was being repaired-- it was the top roof which was asphalt. There are a few slates missing from the mansard roof that he was supposed to replace, but it certainly wasn’t the main part of the job.

Thanks, Ed the Roofer…very helpful!! To Roofer J- none of the slates were ever touched for the increased price.