Real Roofers

How many of you are real roofers? I have heard you all talk about you making $250 - $450 sq. for a one layer walkable tear off. If you make that around here you are gods. How many of you are gods? Or is it the area where you are located that makes the difference in the cost that you are quoting? If that is the true going rate then I need to move where you are. There is no way you can get that here. If you know something I do not please let me know.

Thank You

Where are you located?

clover s.c.

Where are you located?

Northern Michigan.

What is the average income in michigan and what is the minimum wage there?

If you make over $21,00 a year here you make good money. It is only $350 for rent here.

I am in ne P.A. and I struggle to get all the bids at a good number cause of all the so called rooofers thatare working for too little, and I have too spend alot of time educating the h/o on the difference of quility vs. quantity…180-350 is the average range of prices here, so you can imagine what goes through their minds when they are looking at those differences.

Detroit area

Saying that in 2000 yes we could get 300 a square. Now its half. Too many jobs lost and too many guys who have went to home depot and got themselves a hammer and a tape and became roofers.

if you can sell “TRUST” you can usually get any price you want.

I invite you to bring that theory and try out here in warren, sterling heights and shelby township. Oh almost forgot. 80,000 jobs lost in march in my area.

Are you saying i cant sell???

Let me clairify a bit. For some reason this season it is not working like that. And it is not just one city. In michigan selling trust will work about 9% of the time from what i have seen.

Selling trust can get you any price until the homeowner gets a quote from another roofer and you are 30 to 40 percent higher and they trust the other roofer as well.

$350 rent,$600 where I am for a bachelor suite.Everywhere is different we easily get $300 a square for a walker.Prices vary from region to region,just like ther cost of living.

I install shingles on a daily basis and get $300-450 per square average on one layer tear offs. Those would be 3-9/12 roofs. On 10-12/12’s it would be closer to $500 per square.

$300ish would be on walkers and $400 would start on 7/12’s. There has been a few 7/12 tear offs that were around $450 though. Did a couple one layer 10/12 tear offs last year that earned me $550 per square. One was a 30 year laminate tear off the other was a 25 year 3 tab tear off, both had Landmark Premiums installed, free upgrade, both had great insurance.

Don’t really have to work on the roof but since I was born into a roofing family it’s all I know and I really like roofing.

The average house were I live is $235K and that’s a starter home. In the town my wife works in the average home is $800K, it’s less than 10 minutes away. When we have kids we would like to live there so they can go to the best school(s) in the state. The other option would be the private school up the street, $10K per year. I don’t like it here but my wife likes the acre lot.

95+% of my work is from referrals. The leads keep comming.

!20.00 for a walk on here, but I see some advertizing 75.00 a square with materials and labor. :shock:

I worked on government bases for 20 years for 5.00 a square. I could hand nail 20 square by 1:00, on the navel weapons station in charleston, SC which was a 20,000 square contract in 1985 & 86, I did 47 square a day with staple guns . Thats two straight sides with 47 squares to a unit, they tear it off ,felt it in stock it out, and all I have to do is nail them on. What is a real roofer, the only roofing jobs I’ve seen in the last 3 years are for temporaries and must speak spanish, be willing to work for 7.00 an hour.

You guys are not understanding me i guess. I have been selling trust for over 5 years. My market has changed. It is all about the lowest price now for some reason. What im running into is they have 2 bids at 4500 and i come in at 6000. There is not much trust in their eyes like there was last year. Maybe you guys have not had this happend but when the major industry is on its last leg and people lose jobs at an alarming rate you tend to notice. 80000 jobs lost in 1 month where i am at. WHere are they going to come up with the extra 1500, mcdonalds does not pay that well. Its a price driven market where i am at. NOthing i have done in the last 15 years has been working other than lowering the price.

The market is getting worse here in MN there are a lot of contractors and tradesman bumming but I have been busy so far all Spring with a lot of jobs on the schedule. Last year was my busiest year in the past 10 and so far in 08 have done 3 times more work than this time last year. One crew and I’m on the job most of the time. Between the other three full time installers there is over 70 years of roofing experiance. I pay out a lot more than if I had a crew of immigrants, my guess would be double.

A banker told me yesterday that in MN by July any contractor or sub working on a residential remodel will have to be licensed. He didn’t have the memo for me to read but suspect he’s right. If that’s the case I may have to make a price increase across the board come July when there may be a shortage of licensed roofing crews. I guess with the new law even subs will have to have a licensed and so will tradesman doing work that never before needed to be licensed.

I know a sider who’s been licensed for a few years and a framer who’s been licensed for 10 years. Both have never even pulled a permit but both will be styling when the new law takes effect.

The residential market here is in the toilet a bit so we are taking on more commercial work to keep everyone busy…we are still picking up our share of the work that’s out there but we are having to fight every fly by nighter because of their low low prices…apparently anyone that can shove a ladder in their truck feels competent enough to put a roof on a house. We have even dropped our prices quite a bit just to starve them out, fortunately we can do that…I just pray for no acts of mother nature…the last thing I want to see is a wind storm…then the little suckers multiply overnight!

I am understanding you quite well GTP, I wish I could say to ride it out and things are going to get better.
Our manufacturing industry is fleeing the hostile business environment we have here.
Michigan was a industrial state at one time, not anymore, where do we go from here?
We are losing jobs in the 5 figures, 1,000’s at a time…
We didn’t have a very good choice the last election, but thank God for term limits.

if your under 400. here your not making money and a scab.