Real estate?

Im in the prosses of geting a mailing list of some of the realotors in my area. I want to send them a flyer or something to earn some bussines. This might be prides territory, but has anyone had any luck with this? What did you send them? I dont want to just send them bizz cards. Any help would be great!

Honestly tried one time and came up with nothing. Most of them are out for them selves and already have a tradesman that does it for little to nothing and they want a large kickback. 15% of the roof just for the lead when sold is kinda crazy if you ask me. Email me i have some other ideas i can send you on monday.

i also have had exteremly bad luck with realtors. not a wise move to become associated with them.


We have a good base of realtors we work with.

We sent a letter of introduction to every agent in out area. Each individual agent handles their own listings. So do not send to the agency. You will most likely not get any work.

Most said we cost to much. We do not lower prices. Some call us only when they are in a pinch. Then we get a premium. They know if there is little time, we are the ones to call.

We also have a great network of Realtors. Visit us online at - This is a nation wide service, but we do work with a great network of Realtors around the U.S

Thanks - and good luck!

Sound good but 1 small problem, i searched on yahoo and google for roofing contractors and never seen your website. What is that all about?

Every year I get a few tear offs from the realtors who I do new construction for. Actually they send me lots of work if you figure the leads.

the realtors in my area ask me for about 20 estimates a year and i have never won a single job for them. i finally discovered that they are quoting me to see what a real roofing company would cost so they can justify hiring the “TRUNK SLAMMER”.

You got it. atleast someone else has seen this.

also my usual estimate is about an hour from start to finish…hence…they waste a full day of my life every year :evil:

We’ve had both, the “looky loos” who usually want an estimate ASAP, and some reputable agents who don’t expect it done tomorrow and are easy to work with and pay promptly. So, I guess the tip off is if they want it ASAP (due to their lack of planning) or want to haggle the price after receiving it (to increase their profit). So, you can screen them by scheduling the estimate in a few days, and tagging on what we call the a-h*** fee. So, if by some remote chance you do get the job, the pay will be worth the pain.

Out here in Oregon the ethical standards and quality for being a real estate broker are a tad bit higher than in the other states. Like I have written about eighty per cent of my niche business comes via the Internet and thru contacts with realestate professiuonals. I like being able to contact via the Internet as the cost to do so is a lot more economical and is downright cheap this way. Especially when they want a roof certification letter and the home requires roof repairs of somesorr before the roof cert can be written. And with the real estate market being on the downside this year they generally have to domore repair work or ropof tear offs. I love the real estate professinals and doing businesswith them. It is the attitude that you have to adopt to deal with them. Professional attitudfe gets you a long ways with them.

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