Re roofs suck

So now you are on a payroll. I thought you said you were running your own business :?:

Screw that id never be on anyones payroll. Well not awage.
Id do subcontracts for diffrent companys that need jobs done. Currently i was doing subcontracts for a company that would pay me even before tha job was done, which was pretty nice but the company i do contracts for is looking for roofers and wanted me to train crews. I didnt want to do that so i told them id do rush contracts for them. The reason im in this situation is becuase awhile back about a year ago they helped me get started as a crew. They bought me all my tools and equipment. Like i said they needed good roofers. I worked for them for awhile but got ahold of some new contracts that were paying me alot more so currently im doing contracts for them both. Its kind of like a rat race but the money is good.
The company that started me out is trying to keep me, there even trying to help me buy a brand new truck. That be nice but I dont really like being tied dow to any one company. For me where the money is ill go because at the end of the day ihave alot of bills that a roofer alone cant pay. So in the mean time im looking at the possibilitys and im still young. And this forum is a asset for me. New roofs is my thing but the time ive been at this site my perspective has widend. Like every other know it all, there is someone out there that has more experience than you and ive realized that here being at this site.