Re-Roof Question - Maryland - Slag Roof/Tar and White Gravel


I am hoping to find some assistance with a re-roofing question. My Mother owns a contemporary-style home with a 3:12 pitch roof that currently has a slag/tar and white gravel roof. The existing roof is 30 years+ old and it is replacement time. 1 major leak and a substantial amount of green moss.

Finding the right solution for this project has been difficult. I have various contractors who recommended rolled/torch-down products, shingles and I have found 1 contractor who recommends shingles but will do a slag/tar and white gravel replacement.

Mother does not appreciate the look of the rolled products. She laments that from the street her home will look like a tar paper shack. I am intrigued by the shingles, but have read various things about the success of shingles on low-sloped roofs. I am told the slag/tar and white gravel is an old-fashioned way of roofing.

Help would be appreciated? Shingles or slag/tar and white gravel? How do I make this a good roof? We all know how a disappointed Mother can be.


Patrick in Maryland


Go with metal. :mrgreen:


The modified rolled roofing products come in many colors and are a good solution for your roof.

You can get pvc roofs that have a shingle profile in/on them that look like shingles.

You can put shingles on it provided they use low slope installation techniques.

There are also many varieties of metal roofing to choose from.

It really depends on your budget.