Re-roof in Florida: 60's BUR for Arch shingles


Passed inspection!!!

Off to get some shingles :hugs:

Valley metal is not super tight, I’ll try to do better on the other side of the roof


Think about renting a metal brake to put a crisp bend down the center. Can be done with a ladder and a flat concrete surface too. Congats on passing the insp.!


Thank you!

Low pitch of the roof doesn’t allow for much of a crease. I will try using heavy unopened roll of valley metal down the middle while nailing.

I also.need advice on how to vent the attic. I have many soffit vents, but exhaust vents are only on N and S sides of the roof and are only 10in diameter.

What are.the drawbacks of slicing open the.ridge and using cobra roll of ridge vent and capping with ridge caps? …on a low slope roof


Roll vent is garbage. The stuff that come in 4ft section is superior…


The problem is the pitch, If you put a ridge vent on there, the caps are going to be flat.
I think I would rather add some standard roof vents


4/12 is plenty for ridgevent.


This roof is 2.5/12 if I recall


Pics look like a 4 to me. Could be wrong though. If it is that flat, turtle vents would be better.


I disagree with putting a bend in the rolled valley metal.
If you do, you can never get it tight and wrinkle free. And it can make the shingle nails back out over time.
I know many roofers have been trained to grind their hammer down the center to give it a middle crease.
I totally disagree with it! I retrain them when i see it.

When i install 5x5 metal up against the wall,
I always prebend it towards the wall.
That way, without a single fastener on the wall,
The metal will always be trying to hug that wall tight every where and never to pull away from it.
The way i install the valley metal, the concept is the same.
Without the crease, the way i install it,
The metal is always completely smooth and tight and does Not try to lift back up and buckle.

When you put a crease in rolled valley and then nail it,
The metal is always trying to get back up.
And it is never trying to hug the roof.

Please re-read my rolled valley metal instructions and follow them.
You should be standing in the dead center of the valley metal before Both sides gets nailed.
Another roll of valley metal is not heavy enough to hold it down while you nail it.
You need all your weight standing in it.
I put one nail at the top of the valley first so that it doesnt move and i can safely stand in it.

No, dont put ridgevent on that 2/12.
The small box vents are better.( kitchen, turtle)


Got to love Florida, shingle a 2/12 but use 5x5 wall metal


Finally started shingling


Oh no, you didnt take my advice not to install timberlines on a 2/12 And you are consistantly nailing it incorrectly.

Oh my God, those nails are going to be in a puddle area every time it rains. Ughhh

Lower your nails.
Make sure they are in the “double thickness” area of the shingle.
Look at the side view of the shingle so you can see what is actually going on when you nail it.
You are nailing too much in the single thickness area and those areas are going to puddle when it rains

Yes, you will have plenty of exposed nails
Showing while trying to nail it correctly.
Cement the exposed nails or remove the shingle,
Cement the holes and try again.

You have less than one inch of nailing area above the exposure to nail to.
Not two inches…
Not even an inch and a quarter.


YOU laid the shingles that straight with no lines popped?
Looks like an experienced roofer did that to me!


They are not straight haha there is wave in it but hard to see due to design

I am nailing on the nail strip above the red line, and I into sealing strip of the shingle that’s below it

This was also GAF recommendation

Is it different due to low slope?

First time doing the roof man, I am sweating every detail, and going super slow.

Can’t believe I fucked up the nails damn it


I’ll lower the nails and hope for the best


They draw a faint line for you on the nail line.
Yours is real wimpy, but it is there.
Kind of an orange color.


I finished that side, using cement on every nail head. On the other side I will nail in the orange line

Had to finish same way I started so it doesn’t look stacked tighter up top. I contemplated pulling the shingles but they were so soft I decided against it. Hoping it holds up


Transitions around pipe and valley took me a long time, I’m learning as I go. Still unfinished around valley until I shingle over kitchen


Don’t nail where they say you can nail, nail in the double laminate. That is where we always nail. In a lower slope it is extremely critical as roof lover stated, if not the shingles will hold water. I have removed many low slope roofs some not even 10 years where the nails were completely rusted away from nailing high.