Re-repair in progress

a repair was done to my roof not too long before i moved in. it seems that their was a leek along the chimney. it looks as though black roofing cement was used along the chimney sides, right over the L metal and shingles. but wouldn’t the leak just run right under it?
open to any suggestions before i make my move, thank you all who reply.

If you can post a pic that would help. This way we know exactly what you are talking about and do not give the wrong advise.

Generally, the black cement product you speak of is NOT designed for any topical applications, only as a joint compound.

If the “L flashing” has a layer of the cement between it & shingles, then you’re probably OK.

How long have you lived in the house now? Have you had any leaks in this time?

Also, where do you live? Colder weather will certainly expose any problems in exposed or “slapped on” cement but again, if it’s a central layer between flashing & shingles then you “should” be OK provided it was applied in the right way & right locations.

It’s possible this was added as part of a total solution as opposed to just being slapped on as a temporary patch.

I do agree that photos will make a big difference in how we assist you.

Yes, photos will be very helpful.

Fairly typical temporary patch…If there was fabric used in conjunction with the smear it might last a very long time

just curious as to what you consider a long time?

if its not leaking , dont mess with it.
if it is leaking and the shingles are in good
shape, then tear out and reflash (metal) the chimney


A 5 course tar & fabric flashing will last the life of the roof, ugly as sin though…